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These testimonials are just a few taken from the SCWL catalogue and on file in the office of Midwest Research of Michigan. I know you'll agree, they are quite extraordinary!

"Your "Happiness" cassette took us through the most difficult 18 months of our life."

B.G., Brownsville, TX (tape #9)

"I belong to a group of people that have monthly meetings. They were all lacking in self-confidence and would not speak at these meetings. I began playing your "Self-Confidence" tape at these meetings. The group is now so active and outspoken that we are meeting weekly. I honestly believe everyone in the group is a better person. "

K.W., Brisbane, Australia (tape #30)

"Your weight loss tape has helped me lose 67lbs. I almost feel guilty because it was so easy. I've had a weight problem my whole life. I've tried every diet there is and some I made up myself. They were all a battle and didn't work. Thanks."

B.F., Canton, OH (tape#1)

"Congratulations! Your Stop Smoking tape worked. I was a pack a day smoker for 6 years. Thank you."

A.B., Inglewood, CA (tape #2)

"I am a commissioned salesman for 3M products. With your tapes I have increased my monthly sales from $1,800 to $38,000. I can recommend your tapes to anyone who wants to increase their sales."

K.D.U., Scottsbluff, NE (tape #17)

"Just wanted to let you know I bowled my first over 800 set ever. I have been bowling for 25 years and that night I bowled 843. I owe most of the success to your SCWL tapes."

Don R Parsons, Jr., Deer Park, MD (there are four different bowling tapes)

"I am a Karate Instructor and I cannot describe how pleased I am with your tapes. To my amazement I performed 30% faster, 25% stronger and my overall endurance has increased by 50% with the use of your SCWL tapes."

RP (there are several different tapes for athletic performance and endurance)

"Your program #16 'Think Your Way to Greater Riches' is excellent. Since daily and nightly listening for the past 5 months, I have increased my net worth by $51,000 with several real estate investment properties."

Lt.J.C., APO, NY

"I have 6 SCWL programs. Your tapes brought back the kind of mental behavior of when I was a child. All that creativeness, vitality and the ultra fast recall of memories. I was also calmer and improved my concentration a great deal. Thanks a lot."

M.W., Hong Kong


For questions or to order tapes/CDs, contact Beverly at
203-373-1943 or click here.

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