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Welcome to my Healthy Living Page

Hello, and thanks for coming to my Healthy Living page.  Here you will find articles and information related specifically to health topics such as nutrition, alternative health care and mastering stress. While your mind plays an enormous role in your state of health, this page will be about the physical and environmental factors related to regaining and maintaining your most precious possession – your health.

I'm an expert at this, having healed from a life threatening disease.  While I can tell you that the real cause behind the critical illness was my state of mind, I used some wonderful physical tools, in addition to my mind, in order to heal.  Now, thankfully, I'm probably in the best health of my entire adult life…and loving every minute of it.

From the Healthy Living page, you will be able to reach several pages that describe some of the wonderful products I and my family use to enhance our health. These include whoe food nutritional supplements and SCWL subliminal CDs and tapes. Incidentally, I still play SCWL's Psychoneuroimmunology tape, which was instrumental to my healing from cancer, every night as I sleep.

There are links to the company websites for the nutritional products, but please read what I say first, so you will know why I so enthusiastically recommend them.

I suggest that you now read Fountain of Youth because it covers the many different things that contribute to preventing disease and maintaining good health - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Enjoy the article, and then use the menu links at the top to explore some of the great ways we can enhance our health.

For more information on Holistic Health, Nutrition and some of the finest food supplements and health products available,
contact Beverly at 203-373-1943 or click here

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