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" Vibrational Harmony"

The Real Secret of Success, Health and Happiness!

By Beverly Nadler, CMT, CH


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Here's what Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of New York Times Best Seller series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, says about Vibrational Harmony: "If you're ready to effortlessly achieve your heart's desires, read Beverly's brilliant, insightful and easy to do book. Do what it says and get it all!"

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This amazing book takes you on a journey of consciousness, and leads you out of the "mass mind" paradigm of the Material Model -- which makes change so difficult and challenging -- into the new paradigm of the Energy Model, which allows change to take place naturally and with ease.  In addition,VIBRATIONAL HARMONY

Explains the workings of your amazing mind � conscious, subconscious and Superconscious � so that you can tune into your intuition, use your power of "free will" and overcome your mind's resistance to change.

Tells you the background, beginnings and some of the pioneers in an extraordinary new field of mind-body healing called "Energy Psychology"and describes some powerful techniques. 

Shows you how to get what you want by living in harmony with the little-known universal Laws of Vibration, Attraction, Polarity, Rhythm and Cause and Effect.

Correlates and integrates ancient wisdom of metaphysics and Hermetic Philosophy with leading-edge science of modern psychology and quantum physics.

Reveals the "threads of truth" that run through and unify all great teachings.

Ends overwhelm and confusion and fills in the "gaps" and "missing links" that come from studying massive amounts of self-help material.

Clarifies the relationship between what you want, the Laws, how your mind works, your subconscious programming and what you actually get.

Most important,  "VIBRATIONAL HARMONY"

Gives you extremely effective and easy-to-do exercises and techniques for letting go of negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Teaches step-by-step procedures and strategies to reprogram yourself so you can become, do and have whatever YOU want in life.

Click here to order VIBRATIONAL HARMONY in hardcover, paperback or ebook.

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