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Your Guarantee: SCWL CDs are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects and will be replaced if received damaged.

About SCWL Subliminal CDs

(NOTE: There are references in my articles to "tapes," however, all SCWL programs are in CD format.)

Wonderful Tools For Change

Read my article, "How to Reprogram Yourself for Success Health and Happiness".

As a personal growth and business success trainer and consultant, I am always looking for techniques and products to assist my  clients in making positive changes. Among the best I have ever come across are the SCWL subliminal tapes by Midwest Research of Michigan.

SCWL tapes and CDs offer an exciting way to make significant changes in your life. Motivational speakers and books tell us that our life is the result of the way we use our mind. In "The Secret", the immensely popular 2006 film that introduced "The Law of Attraction" to the public, the speakers consistently repeat, in many different ways, that we create (and attract) our life with our thoughts!

The film does not explain, however, that most of what we call "thoughts" are really automatic reactions, coming from the subconscious mind. Your subconscious is a "mental computer," and it is with these so-called thoughts that you 'create' and 'attract' what becomes "your life." Therefore, if you are not living the life you desire, the only way to improve it is to change (reprogram) your subconscious mind. Until you do, your "programming" makes it difficult, if not impossible, to experience the health, happiness and success you desire and deserve. I love SCWL tapes and CDs because they help us change our programming. And they do so without the stress we often feel from "working on ourselves".

Though I share powerful techniques to reprogram the subconscious with my clients and audiences, they are conscious techniques. That  means they go from the conscious mind to the subconscious and  must first break through the "barrier" of the mind, called the  "critical faculty". This barrier does not allow anything to reach the subconscious unless it agrees with our current programs. SCWL tapes (SCWL stands for Subconscious to Conscious  Way of Learning) are so effective because they bypass the critical faculty and go DIRECTLY to the subconscious, continuously repeating  and reinforcing positive affirmations.

Once the subconscious accepts these messages, new programs are created  and our conscious mind learns new responses, thoughts and behaviors  as a result. Because they go directly to the subconscious, SCWL tapes give us the support we need in order to bring about positive change and growth in every area of our lives.

Personally,  I have and use dozens of SCWL tapes. Their Psychoneuroimmunology  (#64) and Joy of Life/Showing Your Happiness (#9) are two tapes I played day and night when I was critically ill,  several years ago. I still play them to reinforce positive messages of health and joy. Since we are always being "programmed" by the media, often with messages we do not want, and our daily life continues to reinforce our old programming (much of which  is negative), it makes sense to use positive tools that can help us re-program ourselves with the positive messages we WANT.

All  subliminal tapes are not created equal. Midwest Research of Michigan is one of the few subliminal tape companies that has stood the test of extensive research and time (since 1979) and is written about in scientific texts. The exceptional SCWL scripts are always positive and approved by an independent board of distinguished doctors and scholars, and the technology used  to create the tapes is unique. While many companies simply record  music or nature sounds ("white noise") over their scripts, SCWL tapes are produced using multi-tracks and a variety of different  frequencies and tones, proven to be effective in reaching the subconscious mind.

These  wonderful "tools for change" don't take up a moment of your precious time and need no special equipment. They play in the  background while you go about living your life - working, playing,  writing, conversing, eating, exercising, surfing the web, even  listening to music, reading and watching television. SCWL tapes can give you an exciting new way to help you make  significant changes in your life---easily and permanently.

After reading my article about the subconscious mind and why SCWL tapes work so well, click the links to read the enthusiastic testimonials and learn about the company's money back and lifetime guarantees.

Then see for yourself how many different titles there are. They cover almost everything you can think of, and probably lots of things you didn't think of. You might feel as I did when I was first introduced to these wonderful tools for change. I wanted about 20 tapes! This was in the 1980s, so I don't recall how many I ordered, though it was probably 10 or more, and I've got about 30 now.

I used #64 (Psychoneuroimmunology) when I was healing myself from a critical illness in 1994. I recommend starting with at least three tapes or CDs, and suggest that #64 be one of your selections (to protect your immune system) -- regardless of what else you're ordering.

If you have any questions about the tapes or CDs that are interfering with you making a decision, email me at info@beverlynadler.com or call me at 203-373-1943.

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