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A New Model for Business in the 21st Century

by Beverly Nadler

Billions of dollars are spent each year on business training programs and coaching. Of course, on-going training and coaching is important for success, but it seems that, after a certain point, the ratio of cost to results is often  hard to measure. That's because certain fundamental information needs to be understood in order for  participants to fully benefit from, and utilize, what they learn. Before identifying what is missing, let me briefly review what is being well covered by expert trainers.

The Success Pyramid

Most business and sales people are aware of the "success pyramid", whether or not they use that name. It tells us that three things are required for success – technique (skills), behavior (action steps taken) and beliefs. Technique, which is greatly stressed and the easiest to learn, is the least important of the three.

We all recognize how vital a "good attitude" is in business. We also know sales people with mediocre technique, who earn a substantial income. While they may fumble through presentations, because of their behavior (i.e.: constantly putting themselves in front of prospects), they enjoy a greater level of success than others with better skills who do not have the same behaviors.

It would appear, then, that behavior is the most important element for success, except for one thing -- beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, are the cause of our attitudes and behaviors.  Beliefs motivate us to develop and/or improve our skills.  Therefore, they, more than anything else, determine results, outcomes and achievement.

The predominant beliefs of a company's CEO  and management  team determine its  policies and direction.  In the latter part of the 90s, as we entered a new millennium, major philosophical changes (caused by new beliefs), as well as technological advances, began to shape business.  One of the most significant philosophical change —and it is steadily gaining acceptance --  is the concept that business and finance are compatible with spirituality.

The Success of "The Secret"

The amazing world-wide popularity of "The Secret" - the 2006 film also made into a book in 2007 - and its introduction to the public of "The Law of Attraction" and the power of our thoughts and feelings has proven that business and finance are compatible with spirituality. Prominent business people and a minister with an enormous following appear in the film and were guests on Oprah’s two programs about "The Secret" in February 2007.

Oprah’s shows reached millions of people, many of whom had never heard these concepts before. Though I have been teaching the foundational material upon which "The Secret" is based, for years -- The Law of Attraction and the power of thought are only part of what we need to know to "attract" and "create" the life and business we desire - "The Secret" has opened the awareness of enough people to make the essential paradigm shift possible, at last.

The Paradigm Shift

A new breed of business people are proving that it is possible to build a successful business, make plenty of money and bring integrity, joy and spiritual values into the workplace. Their companies are experiencing greater efficiency, higher employee morale, better communication, less absenteeism, reduced health care costs and increased productivity and profitability.

In addition, more and more businesses are recognizing that everyone involved in their company is important, that each person either contributes to, or hinders, its growth and productivity. Just as the success of a football team requires that each team member function in synchronicity, so the success of a business requires the same thing.

In keeping with the realization that each member of the business team – from clerks to the CEO – matters, and that business is inseparable from one's personal life, some progressive corporations are establishing day care, wellness and even meditation programs for employees. These exceptional visionary companies, knowingly or unknowingly, are the role models for the new paradigm.

The Power of Belief

Personal growth and business success trainers and coaches remind us that belief is the one factor that most impacts upon our success in every area of our lives.  It is more important than intelligence, talent, creativity, personality, genetics, skills, knowledge and environment.

While there are a multitude of books, tapes, seminars and workshops attesting to the power of belief, there are several crucial questions about beliefs that are rarely answered: WHY is our life determined by our beliefs (i.e.: what is the reason?) WHY do some beliefs resist change, no matter what we do? HOW do we change the ones that vehemently refuse to be changed?

After working with thousands of seminar attendees and clients over the years (most of whom are aware that success is directly related to what they think and believe) it is evident that many people know and use techniques and disciplines for change. These include practical ones, such as goal setting and planning, and esoteric ones, such as visualization and affirmations.  However, unless people understand why and how their beliefs determine their life, they are frustrated when they don't see quick results. Thus, it is easy to lose their motivation to continue.

In order to have on-going, measurable results from training and coaching, it is essential to clearly see the relationship between our beliefs (programs), what we want, what we actually get and universal (spiritual and mental) laws. Though these laws are the foundation for all growth, change, healing and achievement, (as well as the basis for most personal growth and business success trainings), they are not taught to the public. These laws are the rules of the "game of life". Since business is such an integral part of life, the same laws apply to business. Of course, it is also essential to take appropriate action, but when you don't know the rules, it's like trying to play golf without knowing the rules of that game; it's very difficult to win!

Thoughts Are "Things"

You've probably heard the statement, "Thoughts are things". Have you ever wondered about its meaning? Thoughts are things because they are made of energy. For thousands of years, metaphysics has been teaching about a magnificent Power out of which everythingthat exists in the universe is created.

Today, quantum physics tells us that all that the universe is a "unified field of energy". Further, they tell us that everything that exists is created out of this energy field and the entire universe is governed by the laws of energy. The most esteemed scientist of the 20th century -- the man who showed us the awesome power of energy, Dr. Albert Einstein -- eloquently said: "Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a Spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe.

Mental energy is one of the most potent forms of energy in the universe. That's why "we get what we believe and think about." All energy vibrates and is electro-magnetic. That means our thoughts, along with the feelings they generate, vibrate into the unified field of energy. Because they are electromagnetic, they attract other forms of energy – such as the people, things, conditions, circumstances, events and situations that become part of our life.

What actually happens is this:  by the laws of vibration and attraction ("real" laws, as real as the laws of gravity and electricity) our vibrations attract our life to us. This explains how we "create" with our mind. Since our vibrations are primarily the result of belief, thoughts and feelings, you can see that "wrong" thinking can have a disastrous effect on your company's growth and success.

Information that clearly correlates and integrates universal law with an explanation of how the human mind works is as essential and practical in today's business world as product development, time management and communication skills. After all, many people already know their life is a reflection of their beliefs and how they use their mind, but they still don't they have the life and business success they want.

Beliefs Are "Programs"

Our beliefs can be compared to programs in a computer. Just as computer programs produce specific outcomes, so the programs in our computer brain drive every area of our life and produce our outcomes. Nowhere is this more evident than in business and finances. How we think, feel, behave, and who and what we attract into our personal and professional lives are all determined by our subconscious programs.  In fact, most of what we call "thoughts" are not really thoughts at all; they are automatic responses coming from our programming.

It is our beliefs, our programs, that give meaning and direction to our lives and our work. Without positive beliefs, we have nothing to inspire and motivate us to pursue and achieve our goals and get us through the many challenges that are part of being human. Though many people know about the importance of belief, they are confused and frustrated, because they don't know how to "create" beliefs that can bring then what they desire.

The Critical Faculty

Have you ever tried to change programs in your computer?  If you have, you know how stubborn they can be.  Well, the programming in your computer brain is even more resistant to change. A seldom mentioned part of the mind, the critical faculty, is responsible for this resistance. It serves as a "barrier" between your conscious and subconscious, and it's job is to prevent anything from reaching the subconscious unless it agrees with what is already programmed. And yet, the only way we can expect lasting change of any kind is getting past the barrier and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

If you do not know that this resistance is a natural function of your mind, and  don't know how to get past it, it can overwhelm you. This resistance not only shows up in the form of your own fear, anger, lack of confidence and negative thoughts, it also attracts to you what you most fear and/or don't want. Without the passion and drive of a Bill Gates, Michael Jordan or Barbra Streisand, people often give up their vision in discouragement.

Since your beliefs (which are programs) determine your attitudes and actions and what you attract, it makes sense to change the beliefs that are not consistent with your goals and desires. By changing programs that are relative to business, your personal life always improves also.

Tools for Change

Whether I work with private clients, small businesses or large corporations, I present a variety of tools and techniques for getting past the critical faculty and reprogramming the mind. With individuals, our focus is on what  the client wants to achieve. With businesses, it is necessary to establish the company's direction, mission, goals and policies, and see that management and staff  are congruent. When employees feel their company truly cares about them and considers them integral to the growth company's growth, they are willing and eager to do what they can to contribute to the company… including change/reprogram their negative beliefs.  

The Power of Intention

Once people know how things work in the world (i.e: the energy concept and the mental and spiritual laws behind  physical results) and become aware of the enormous power of their mind, they are motivated to use the knowledge to improve their personal and professional lives. This new understanding gives them reason to expect positive results. This expectation leads to a very creative state of mind known as intention.  Strong, unwavering intention makes it possible to break through even the most defiant resistance and ignore past negative experiences and programming. When we truly "intend" something, we expect it, and are totally committed to doing what it takes to get the results we want. ..even if we have failed in the past

Can you imagine what your business would be like if each member of your team was aligned with the same powerful intentions, expecting and attracting whatever is needed to bring your company's goals to fruition? This is what can happen when all of you know and apply universal and mental laws to your business…and your life.

Sample Business Training

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