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Beverly  gives a refreshing point of view to a timeless message - "you create your life with your mind". The 2006 film, "The Secret," is sweeping the world, and Beverly clarifies HOW "the secret" really works. Most importantly, when Beverly shares her knowledge and her personal story (how she healed from cancer, lost weight and kept it off, went from bankruptcy to success...and more) you KNOW that you, too, can achieve your dreams and goals. Beverly gives you the little-known knowledge and powerful tools that make it possible for you to BELIEVE in yourself and in a friendly Universe that supports and assists you to live the life YOU desire. That BELIEF, combined with proper action, produces results!

Her programs are as inspiring, stimulating and practical for entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporations, senior citizens and baby boomers, and the millions of people who want more confidence, self-motivation, success (with less stress) and health, wealth, love and joy in their life.

Because the principles she shares apply to every area of life, attendees have new insights and dynamic new approaches to some of life's most important  topics. The following sample programs are suitable for keynotes,  seminars and workshops - from one hour to a full day or weekend.  All programs are customized for clients.

How  to Get What You Want...Now!
We are all "creators" of our own lives, attracting the people, things, conditions, circumstances, situations and events that  become our life. Learn how to apply universal and mental laws  and become a deliberate creator.

A  New Business Model for the 21st Century
In this changing economy, you can insure the continued success and growth of your business by using principles and powerful techniques that bring integrity, joy and spiritual values  into the workplace.

Success  Through Self-Confidence
Based on Beverly's popular Random House audio tape, currently  available in book stores and on-line booksellers. Learn the  steps to develop the confidence in yourself that gives you  the power to "go for" and achieve your goals.

How  To Master Stress and Enjoy Life
There are physical, chemical, mental and spiritual causes  of stress, but the major causes are your beliefs and attitudes  about the aspects of life you don't like. Learn how to change  your perceptions, release negative emotions and use simple  de-stressing techniques, so you can start enjoying your life.

Reprogram  Yourself for Success, Health and Happiness
Your beliefs are actually "programs" in your subconscious  mind, and like programs in a computer, they determine outcomes. If you are not getting the outcomes of your life that you want, it may be time to examine your beliefs and reprogram your awesome mental computer.

Building Self-Esteem
Self-esteem is one of the requirements for lasting success.  If you don't have enough of it, you can learn to create it  -- in yourself and others. This is a perfect program for increasing your own self-esteem as well as for teachers, parents and  managers who have the responsibility of helping others.

Enjoying Your Relationships
In your personal and professional life, good relationships are vital to success and happiness. When you learn the secrets  of establishing rapport, communication is easy -- even with  difficult people.

Discovering  the Fountain of Youth
Youthfulness (regardless of age), beauty, health and vitality  are our birthright. Reconnect with the dynamic energy within you that restores, revitalizes and rejuvenates.

How  to Stay Healthy -- In Spite of Everything
Startling statistics tell us that our nation's annual health care (really "disease care") costs exceed a trillion dollars, with over $100 billion spent on prescription drugs alone! You can avoid being part of those statistics when you learn  what is revealed in this fascinating program.

The Stop Smoking Solution
Developed out of Beverly's experience as the owner and operator of a successful Stop Smoking Center in NYC, this program is ideal for corporations and organizations to help their employees or members end  this costly addictive habit.  It goes beyond talk therapy, behavior modification and hypnosis and succeeds where other programs fail because it reaches the subconscious mind, and "deprograms" the smoking desire permanently.

How to Magnetize Yourself for Money
This inspiring and practical program reveals the immutable "laws of money" and the little-known principles that have brought incredible wealth to individuals throughout history. You will learn how to identify beliefs and behaviors that repel money, and how to reprogram your  subconscious so that you are magnetized for money. In the full day training, you also learn cutting-edge technology that can swiftly bring amazing changes in your financial affairs

"Extraordinary presentation...one of our most memorable speakers. Your clarity,  presence and dynamic style added to the understanding and  enjoyment of the fascinating material you presented."
Michael  Ringel, CCO, Let's Talk Business Network, Inc.

"The letters we receive from seminar attendees not only praise your classes for your dynamic presence and exceptional  material, they tell us how much you motivate and inspire them to make significant,, long-lasting changes in their lives."
Dr. W. Karl Parker, former President Parker Chiropractic College

"Your work gave me the threads that pulled together the web of all the  teachings, mending the "hole" that had been created. Without the ability to connect these teachings, I spent years and  years studying and searching for answers. The Universal and mental laws taught so clearly and concisely pulled it all  together for me. Thank you."
Gail Axelrod, therapist, educator and president of Body Ecology

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For  further information about her programs, materials - tapes,  manuals, books - and private consultations (also available  by phone), contact Beverly at:

Phone: 203-373-1943

For mailing address, click here.

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