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BEVERLY NADLER, CH, CMT - Speaker, Author, Trainer, Re-Programming Coach and Consultant

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Testimonials - Vibrational Harmony, the Book

I have read Beverly's teachings and her amazing book, Vibrational Harmony. It absolutely puts an end to the opened ended questions of "why?" or "why me?" or "why do bad things happen to good people?" or "why do good things happen to bad people?"! This book is a "Gift From The Universe" and so clearly and plainly articulates the spiritual and universal laws that govern our existence and certainly changed my life...and more importantly, the way I see my entire existence. Because of...click here to continue testimonial.
Gigi Moser, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist

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Testimonials - Private Coaching Clients

Beverly, thanks for all the wonderful work you have done. Here is a testimonial that you are free to use in any capacity -- and that goes for anything I write that can help you help others. You have a great gift and I am looking forward to our continued work in the future. Click here to read the complete testimonial.
Marvin Scott, Opera Singer, Long Island, NY

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Testimonials - Seminars and Keynotes

Itís great to connect with you again. From the time we met twenty four years ago when we both were speaking on The Parker Seminar Programs, I knew you were a masterful teacher and dynamic presenter. I was surprised to find someone who actually taught the Universal Laws at these seminars. It was, as you know, material that was "before its time" for most people. Today we are in a different time-frame, and now that "The Secret" is capturing the mind and imagination of millions of people -- and awakening them to the fact that we live in an energy universe and create our lives with the energy of our mind -- you can fill in the gaps and missing pieces... Click here to read the complete testimonial.
Dr. John Demartini, noted expert in "The Secret" and founder of The Demartini Human Research and Education Foundation

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Testimonials -- Business Training and Coaching

As one trainer to another, you present this type of material better than anyone I know including myself. A remarkable percentage of participants approached me after your training and indicated you had caused an intellectual and emotional breakthrough with them. Congratulations, we all know what an achievement that is. I have been trying to do this for nine months!
Dr. John Whitney President, Maxim Resource Alliance

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Testimonials -- Radio and TV

As Producer of Exploring Healing AIternatives, dozens of health advocates from across North America and Europe have appeared in our studios. They all address the programs theme of "bridging the gap between traditional medicine and wholistic alternatives". We offer the viewer an opportunity to journey through the expanses of body, mind and spirit, Most guests address this attitude. Some touch its essence. A few breath it! Beverly Nadler is one of the few who captures this feeling and actually lives it. Her presence is dynamic and her knowledge is such that she speaks not from memory but from direct experience in daily living.
Robert Hollis, Producer, Healing Alternatives, Cable Program Services

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