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About This Financial Section...

At one time I had the erroneous belief that this website should ONLY contain material about spiritual and personal growth. I added nutrition and health sections a few years later, and now I am adding a section on finances.

I decided it belongs on this website because when we have financial challenges, itís difficult, if not impossible, to focus on our "inner" life, which is what personal and spiritual growth is about. (Itís also difficult to pay for all the books, CDs, seminars, workshops and coaching sessions!).

Many people who are seriously involved in evolving and expanding their Consciousness have conflicting beliefs about money -- if not consciously, then subconsciously -- such as these: Materialism and spiritualism cannot co-exist. Service-oriented people shouldnít "think" about money, just about service. Being concerned about money is somehow "wrong" - and similar ones. I had these at one time. I donít anymore.

Negative clichťs about money are often instilled in us during childhood. Clichťs like: Money doesnít grow on trees; Iím not made of money. Money is not important (tell that to a kid who canít go to college because his parents canít afford it). Rich people are greedy and take advantage of you (Iím sure thatís true about SOME rich people, just as itís true about a lot of middle-class and poor people). We canít afford that (whatever "that" is. Itís greedy to want a lot of money, etc., etc.

Programming About Money

If you recognize any of those beliefs as being "yours", or if you are challenged financially, I recommend reprogramming your mind. Not sure what that means? Click here for an article on the subject.

The SCWL CDs and tapes on this site are great reprogramming tools. Click here to find out about them. The SCWL audios that address finances are: #16 "Think Your Way to Greater Riches," #495 "Prosperity," #523 "Attracting Money."

Is Money Really Important?

In this society, it certainly is. Besides the obvious reasons why you want to have enough (no, more than enough) money for your wants and needs, there are two other important reasons:

1. If you are committed to a healthy life-style, you probably eat organic foods, take nutritional supplements, have some health or exercise equipment, and use the services of holistic health practitioners. These costs are not usually covered by insurance. (Of course, maintaining good health is the BEST form of "insurance"). Thereís plenty of material about health and nutrition on this website. Itís one of my favorite subjects!

2. You can only be philanthropic and contribute to worthy causes and help less fortunate people when you have more than enough money for yourself and your familyís needs and wants.

While platitudes like "money doesnít buy happiness" and "the best things in life are free" may or may not be true - I agree with the person, whoever he or she is -- who said, "Rich or poor, itís better to have money!"

What You Will Find in This Financial Section

Youíll find some articles that are will give you food for thought. Youíll find recommendations for saving money. Youíll find Resources about business and finance. And youíll find information on being in your own business, especially Network Marketing/MLM.

Having earned as much as $35,000.00 a month in Network Market/MLM, I have a great deal of knowledge and expertise. I will dispel some myths, tell you some little-known truths, NOT give you any hype (>smile<) and introduce some income-producing and money-saving opportunities. The companies have excellent products and/or services and the highest integrity - or I would not even mention them to you.

Now, enjoy exploring this section -- and anyplace else you want to go on this user-friendly site!

Below is a list of my Business and MLM Resources and Articles.

About This Financial Section

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