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It's a pleasure to welcome you to my Poetry Page

I wrote my first poem when I was six years old.  I still remember it: "Milk you should drink every day, it helps you to grow to work and to play. Why your teeth will be so strong and so bright, if you drink milk, each day and each night."  Not bad for six, eh.

I was very pleased with myself and have found tremendous comfort and pleasure in writing poetry over the many years since that first one. My impassioned poems got me through my teen age angst during periods of I thought was mad, sad "unrequited love".

The subjects have changed, but the pleasure remains. I'll be adding new poems to this page, so if you enjoy them, please come backā€¦and tell your friends.


by Beverly Nadler

Success is a state of mind
That's all its ever been.
It's a special feeling inside of you
That knows you'll always win.

What you want only eludes you
When your mind focuses on lack.
To bring forth your heart's desire
Keep your mind on track.

You can create the life you want -
The Power is inside you.
You can turn it into reality -
Just let the Power guide you.

The success you seek will find you
When you're feeling joy and pleasure.
Good feelings are like magnets
That attract to you life's treasure.

You have a wonderful, magical tool -
It's called "creative imagination".
It will take you wherever you want to go,
As long as you CREATE your destination.

Yes, success is a state of mind...
And now that you truly know it,
Believe in yourself, do what you love
And soon your world will show it!

Copyright Beverly Nadler 1998 

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