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by Beverly Nadler

In This Issue


This issue is devoted to the most important factor in determining how you live your life - BELIEF. 


"The empires of the future are empires of the mind."  Winston Churchill


Nothing has more influence upon your life than what you believe at the
subconscious level.  It is your belief, your faith, that determines your
level of health, success, prosperity and joy - or disease, failure, lack
and misery. If you are looking for the "secret" of achieving your goals and
dreams, look no further than your own mind.  Belief -- unwavering,
passionate belief in yourself and your ability to have, do and be whatever you
desire -- is that "secret".

But, of course, I am not only talking about the logical, rational belief
of the conscious mind, I am talking about the powerful conviction of "inner
knowing" that comes from the subconscious.  The belief that leads to
success comes from deep within - it is the "as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is" kind of belief. Heart, here, refers to the subconscious mind.

Almost every book and teaching devoted to self-improvement, whether about
health, personal development or success, has the same theme running
throughout -- from ancient eastern and western esoteric teachings, to the
bible and other holy books (regardless of the religion) to Emerson,
Thoreau and other New Thought philosophies, to current self-help "gurus" like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Steven Covey, etc.-- all of them emphasize the power of belief.


Could it be that superstars like Barbra, Oprah, Madonna, Steven King, Bill
Gates, Garth Brooks, Michael Jordon, Mohammed Ali, Donald Trump never had moments of doubt or fear, never felt discouraged?  I doubt it.  Barbra
spent many frustrating years looking for a studio to bring Yentl to the screen.
Donald Trump went bankrupt, then picked himself up, dusted himself off and
wrote a book about becoming a billionaire...for the second time. Oprah
admitted she was devastated when her "Beloved" movie flopped.

I don't know what was going on inside of them as they went through these
experiences (I'm not even sure they did).  What I DO know is that when
people love what they do (whether it's singing, playing ball, boxing, entertaining, writing, building businesses, etc.) and feel impelled to share what they love with masses of people, they are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, regardless of outer conditions and circumstances.

Failures and disappointments are temporary stop-gaps on the way to success.  Those who come from meager beginnings, "see" themselves in another time and place, enjoying the realization of their dreams. Often they will tell you that their success is far beyond what they could have imagined. That's because, when they began the process of "creating" what they wanted -- with their belief, desire, expectancy, vision, passion, perseverance, courage, determination, enthusiasm, excitement, action and willingness to move beyond the set-backs that are part of life -- they had, knowingly or unknowingly, created a partnership with the Creative Source.  As a result, their Partner, Whose abilities are unlimited, brought them even more than the fulfillment of their cherished dreams.

Whether they believe in themselves, or their "purpose" or a Higher Power (or all three, which is as good as it gets!) -- their belief sustains them through difficulties.Though life has problems, obstacles, challenges and disappointments -- even for the wealthy and talented -- it is the attitude and the faith with which these are handled that turns great challenges into blessings and makes outstanding achievements possible.


I used to be very distressed when speakers would tell their audience to "have faith", to "believe".  It was as if they were saying one could just open a faucet and "turn on" belief or faith.  No, that's not how it works.  If it did, we wouldn't have millions of books and tapes and thousands of seminars and teachers giving us the message over and over again, in so many different ways. If you don't have belief at the subconscious level, then you must CREATE it. Fortunately, after years of self-work -- and a challenging path which included failed marriages, failed businesses, bankruptcy, foreclosure and near death -- I am getting much better at creating belief where it does not exist, and am able to let go of the fears, doubts and negative programming that interfered with my health, success and happiness.

The first, and most important, step to creating belief is to have KNOWLEDGE. That's why it is so important to learn the universal and mental laws that govern  our lives. These are the "rules of the game of life" and not knowing them is like trying to play baseball without knowing the rules, or trying to spell without  knowing the alphabet. If you don't have this knowledge (especially if your life has had many trials and tribulations), it is very difficult to give yourself a "reason" to believe that you can have what you want.

Without knowing that we live in an ENERGY universe and everything is energy in continuous vibration (including you and your thoughts, feelings and beliefs), there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason or order in the universe.  Life only makes sense when you realize that the people and experiences of your life are drawn to you, not just by your thoughts, as we are so often told, but, rather, by the VIBRATIONS you radiateā€¦and these come primarily from your beliefs, conscious and subconscious.  Its called Law of Attraction or Law of Vibration.

Knowing the laws provides a reason for our conscious mind to believe we can have what we want no matter how many times success may have eluded us in the past. And since it is the CONSCIOUS mind that decides whether or not to apply principles, tools and techniques to bring about change, it is essential for the conscious mind to have sufficient information.


After learning something about universal and mental law, the next step is to recognize that what stands between you and your goals and dreams are the erroneous beliefs and programs in your subconscious mind. I differentiate between the subconscious and superconsious.  Your superconscious connects you to the Creative Power within you and therefore is unlimited in its abilities; your subconscious functions like a computer, carrying out its programs and determining outcomes.

Whatever you are programmed with are "instructions" for your life, whether good, bad or indifferent. For instance, if you are programmed to believe you are incompetent, you will continuously attract people and situations to "prove" your incompetence.  If you are programmed with the belief that  you will always be taken care of, you'll attract what other people call "miracles".  Some of your programs are distinctly "yours" -- your talents, skills, basic personality traits. Some of them are common to all humans, such as the functioning of every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body (exactly HOW they function within your body is dependent upon many things, including heredity, life style and, yes, your "beliefs".)

Much of your programming comes from conditioning from your environment and reflects the beliefs of your family, friends, teachers, ethnic background and society. And some of your programming -- often the most difficult to recognize and change -- comes to you through "mass mind" consciousness. Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Jung, called this the "collective unconscious".  It is also the "one consciousness" of metaphysics and the "unified field of energy" of quantum physics. Within this unified field of energy or this one consciousness is everything that has ever existed since the "beginning" (whenever that was).

While we each have our own individual energy field, which consists of our vibrations, every energy field is part of the unified (one) energy field because everything that ever existed still vibrates in that one energy field, scientists can pick up radio broadcasts today that were made many years ago.  The vibrations still exist in the "ethers".

To get a sense of what one energy field means, think of your body.  All of its parts, including its trillions of individual cells, are "separate", yet they all are part of the same body. It is because there is only one energy field that distant prayer "works"; it is why you can think of a friend and she will call you; it is why a mother hears her child cry before a sound is uttered. Since everything is part of the one field, it is possible to pick up, take on, and bring into your own individual consciousness, vibrations (which then become your beliefs and programs) that are detrimental to your well-being.


Mass mind consciousness has many beliefs about health, aging and money that are extremely limiting and negative.  Regarding health, if you accept as fact that dangerous microscopic "creatures" are waiting to attack you, they will. If you believe that getting older means losing your looks, facilities, vitality, eyesight and memory, it will.  Now, I am not ignoring the fact that certain cellular changes take place as we age, but how can we explain an 80 year old Jack LaLanne performing feats that most 20 year old athletes can't do? This is especially remarkable because his mother was told   He was a sickly child who didn't have very long to live.  So much for the limitations of the body!

Humanity's negative beliefs about money permeate our society.  While some people have incomes that defy credibility, it is far more common to demonstrate lack.  Accepted mass mind beliefs are "supply is limited", "I'm not good enough, not worthy, and/or don't deserve to be wealthy." Statements like "money doesn't grow on trees", "we can't afford", "there's never enough", "rich people are greedy", etc., when believed at the subconscious level, become instructions for our lives.  Most of us accept as true, negative mass mind beliefs (programs) which eventually become self-fulfilling prophecies.


My passion  -- my mission, my burning desire -- is to share what I have learned over 30 years "on the path" of self-discovery, with as many people as possible. I was programmed with such low self-esteem and had taken on so many fears that even when I learned the laws, I was unable to overcome my old programming.  In fact, I reinforced it every chance I got.  If I did something positive, my subconscious mind found something to criticize, condemn and judge.  It took a great deal of self-work to get beyond my programmed limitations.  As I tell people during my seminars, "On a scale of one to ten in self esteem, I was minus 100!"  It is my hope that as a result of what I share, others may avoid making the many mistakes I made during my journey.

I write and teach because I know what it feels like to "want" desperately to believe in yourself and the Universe, and not know HOW to make that shift in consciousness.  Therefore, regardless of the subject or whether I am giving a keynote talk or seminar, writing, creating a tape or working with clients, I show the "hidden link" between what we want in life, the universal (spiritual) and mental laws, how we think, our subconscious programs and what we actually get. In addition, in longer programs and when working with clients, I teach powerful methods to release old negative programs, beliefs and buried emotions that are stored in the cells of our body, interfering with our ability to "live our vision."

Belief in YOURSELF is the most important belief a human being can have. More suffering, struggle, emotional pain and disappointment is caused by a poor self-image, lack of self-esteem and lack of self-confidence (all of which is related to our level of self-love, or lack of it), than any other cause. The poem is dedicated to "everyone". May it inspire you to believe in YOU.


by Beverly Nadler

I believe in me.
I've set myself free,
I finally trust in tomorrow.

No more struggle and strife.
For I create my own life,
And I've let go of yesterday's sorrow.

We bring forth our world,
And it as it's unfurled
We make our own heaven or hell.

Just look around you.
See how beauty surrounds you,
And you'll know all truly is well.

You'll watch with awe
At the blessings in store --
For they come to you without end.

I believe in me.
I've set myself free,
I know the Universe is my friend.

Start believing in YOU.
For once you do
You'll know how wonderful you are.

Your destiny's clear,
There's nothing to fear.
Your future is bright as a star!

Copyright Beverly Nadler 1999


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