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Welcome to My Health Reports Page!

I'm delighted that you have clicked this link. You will discover some very important health information. Although billions of dollars are spent yearly on nutritional supplements and alternative health care, disease statistics continue to rise, along with an increase in iatrogenic disease (caused by over the counter and prescribed drugs and medical error). In fact, deaths from iatrogenic disease now exceed deaths from automobile accidents. If you remain healthy and don't take drugs or end up in the hospital, you'll avoid iatrogenic disease.

Health information is so confusing, conflicting and overwhelming that many people just give up trying to figure out "what to do." And who can blame them? I write free Health Reports in order to share little known, vital information that will make your life simpler in one important area of your life, Health and wellbeing.

Health Report #1 is about a remarkable natural product with 77 world wide patents that provides the ingredients your body requires in order to produce a little-known vital substance that is needed by every single cell in your body. This cellular substance is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage and inflammation, strengthens your immune system, detoxifies your body, increases your longevity by up to 30%...and much more. That's why I had to write a full report about it.

When your body doesn't produce enough of this substance, you get sick, often with chronic life-threatening diseases! Without this substance, you cannot live! Click here for Health Report #1.

Health Report #2 is about a major cause of disease that is only "hinted at" but rarely revealed as an underlying cause of many diseases. It is about the imbalance of microbes in our body. Did you know that the human body has many more microbial cells than human cells? The fact is, we need microbes -- friendly bacteria in our intestines are our secondary immune system -- but when the proportion of disease-causing microbes becomes greater than friendly microbes, illness results, including serious, critical illness.

Until this problem is taken care of, nothing else that you do is effective enough for you to regain and maintain your health. Click here for Health Report #2.

I look forward to hearing from you after you've read the Reports. I will be glad to answer your questions, and send you additional information. There is no obligation.

To contact Beverly, call 203-373-1943 or click here

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