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"Joyce Barrie & Friends" Radio Show

"Joyce Barrie & Friends" is headed to become one of the top internet radio shows in the world! Considering the guests she has, the terrific information the show offers, and the way it is growing, it can easily become #1. And it deserves it!

You’ll be entertained, motivated, educated and inspired... and more. I’m a regular weekly guest on the show, usually Thursday with "Here’s To Your Health"... physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing, the natural way. Some weeks I’m on more often.

The show airs LIVE weekdays from 11:00 AM to Noon (eastern time) on Click "LIVE ON AIR." You can even go into the chat room and chat with our other listeners. If you’re not near a computer, call 917-388-4530, to listen live.

When you can’t listen live, all shows are archived. Find the shows you want by scrolling down the left menu. First you’ll see the "Upcoming Episodes", and "Featured Episode". Below these are the "On Demand Episodes", archived in dated order, with the latest date on the top. Each episode has a brief description and tells you the name of the special guest on the show that day. Just click on the date of the episode you want to download or hear.

Joyce’s special guests come from many walks of life, and some of them are very well known in their field. They all offer beneficial and valuable ideas, news, views and and/or interesting information for listeners.

There is also a very popular daily segment on home-based businesses. Joyce, I, and some of the guests educate and advise you about exceptional opportunities and outstanding resources to grow your business. We only recommend stable companies with products or services we personally use to enhance our life, save us money and improve our health. Yes, you can stay home, make money and save money with tax write-offs, when you have a home-based business that is right for you!

"Joyce Barrie & Friends" is all about creating a healthy, positive life-style, with expert tips from Joyce’s guests and valuable daily lessons from her "Coach’s Corner".

Find out more about "Joyce Barrie & Friends" at
Find out more about Joyce at and

P.S. The show is so good that I wrote a poem about it and recorded the poem, so Joyce can play it on the air. Click here to read the poem; I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

To contact Beverly, call 203-373-1943 or click here

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Join me every week on "Joyce Barrie & Friends" #1 Radio Show

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