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List of Nutrition Articles

The Importance of Nutrition.

By Beverly Nadler, CHT, CMT   © 2007

It is a pleasure to welcome you to my nutrition page! If you’ve been to my website in the past, or are a subscriber to “Live Your Vision” Newsletter, you know that I explain, simplify and clarify the often conflicting material on personal, professional and spiritual growth. My subject matter covers HOW the universe “works,” WHY things happen as they do and how to get more of what you want by consciously bringing yourself in alignment with the natural laws that govern your life. That’s what “vibrational harmony” is all about. (Click here to read about my book, Vibrational Harmony.)

So How Does Nutrition Fit In On This Website?

Good nutrition is essential for good health, which is certainly an important part of “your life”. The enormous amount of material on the subject – some of it nonsense and much of the material conflicting with other material – is confusing and frustrating. And one of the things I love to do is to clear up confusion and frustration, when I can!

Also, although everything is energy, and I emphasize the superiority of mental and spiritual energy over physical energy, our mind and Spirit “live” in a physical body. Our body is very precious and vulnerable, and it’s our responsibility to take care of it. Good nutrition is one of the ways we do that. Few people have the inclination, let alone the time, to gather and correlate the massive amount of material on this seemingly endless subject. I’ve studied and worked with nutrition for more years than I’m willing to tell you -- . Having been critically ill (in 1993-94), I assure you that it’s easier and far more pleasant to learn and DO what it takes to have mastery over your life -– mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and materially -- when you’re enjoying good health. Don’t you agree?

By the time you finish reading this page and the nutrition articles listed below, I hope you will be motivated to make nutritional choices that can help you and your loved ones heal from illness, maintain health and prevent disease in the future. With good nutrition, you’ll feel better – physically, mentally and emotionally (mind and body affect each other) -- and you’ll have more energy and vitality. This will contribute to your joy and success as you continue on your life’s journey.

Below is a list of my nutrition articles.

My Background in Nutrition

Since Millions of People Spend Billions of $$ On Supplements Annually, WHY Are So Many People Still So Sick?

If You Eat Well, Do You Need Nutritional Supplements?

Is Your Body Getting Cellular Nutrition?

What You Should Know about Digestive Enzymes

Is Metabolic Typing a “Missing Link” in Nutrition? Part 1

Is Metabolic Typing a “Missing Link” in Nutrition? Part 2

Is Glutathione/GSH The Nutritional “Miracle Solution” of The 21st Century?

Inflammation, Free Radical Damage, Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants

Glutathione/GSH and “The Reverse Modulation Effect” In Cancer

For additional nutrition and health articles by Beverly, go to www.breakthroughhealth.net.


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