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Welcome to my Articles Page

The article listed below is the one that I feel most clearly describes what I consider to be the foundation upon which all growth, success, healing and change are based. Please read it first, before clicking on the other articles.

How to Get What You Want - Part I and Part II
List and Links to Articles

For most of my life, I have been interested in what is now called holistic living � the balance of body, mind and spirit.

I was brought up to believe in natural healing. My mother was a nutritionist when they were considered faddists, and I actually became interested in what makes people tick (the mind) when I was in grade school.  As an adult, I began gathering information on subjects related to holistic living the way squirrels gather nuts, and like the squirrels, I put a lot of it away to emerge at a later date. 

In the past few years, this massive amount of information has turned up as articles in my computer, with lots of new data added.  Some of the articles have been published in magazines, but most are destined to become part of this website page.

They are all relevant to the ceaseless desire of human beings to know, understand, and fulfill our purpose in life � whether that purpose is to "be happy" (a wonderful purpose, by the way), or create something that makes a special contribution to our world.

Whatever your desire is in life is, you are uniquely equipped to bring it into reality. Sometimes, we weary of the journey of self-growth, but "something"-- a word perhaps, or a phrase, a new thought or idea-- gives us the inspiration and understanding to motivate us to continue on our path.  Hopefully, in some of these articles, you will find a new word, phrase, thought  or idea that is meaningful to you.  They are all about the many different aspects of the natural laws that govern our lives.

List and Links to Articles

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