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How to Reprogram Yourself for Success, Health and Happiness

by Beverly Nadler

People involved in self-improvement have long known that their thoughts and beliefs affect every area of their life, but most other people didn’t know this or didn’t believe it. The provocative 2006 film, "The Secret," presented this startling concept and introduced the Law of Attraction to the public -- and literally changed the way we look at life. This is especially true, thanks to Oprah’s two shows on "The Secret". The universal Law of Attraction tells us that we attract and create our life with our mind (the speakers on the film specifically say we attract with our "thoughts") and they give a formula for getting what you want: Ask, Believe, Receive.

While this formula may be true in principle, in practice it’s not quite that simple. If it were, the millions of people who have long known what is taught in "The Secret" would all have what they want. But that’s not so; only a miniscule percentage can claim significant results from their self-work. Why? Because it’s not enough to change negative thoughts in our conscious mind; we must change them in our subconscious mind. ONLY when we do that are we truly able to "believe."

Fortunately, there is a wonderful tool to help us do just that - SCWL subliminal tapes. SCWL tapes offer us a Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning.

There are many techniques to help us change our mind, and thus change our thoughts. These include visualization, scripting, affirmations prayer, meditation, etc. There are also less known but very valuable "releasing" techniques. They are all excellent...yet, though millions of people use these techniques, only a small percentage of them are getting the results they want. The same old limiting, negative thoughts still keep popping up, don't they?  That's because most thoughts are automatic responses coming from subconscious programming. Now, if the subconscious learns a new message (such as those on the SCWL tapes), it passes it on to the conscious mind and we have new automatic responses. That's when we truly think differently..

The Critical Faculty of the Mind

What we call thoughts are really "feedback" from oursubconscious This feedback comes in the form of thoughts and emotions, and lets us know that there are beliefs in our subconscious that are not in harmony with our conscious desires. These beliefs are negative for us, and before we can change our thoughts we must first change our programming. This is difficult because our programs are very  resistant to change.

The main reason for this is the "critical faculty" of the mind, an actual non-physical barrier between the conscious and subconscious that is so hard to penetrate, it might as well be made of granite. Its "job" is to prevent anything from reaching the subconscious unless it is in harmony with what is already programmed. And it is very proficient in doing its job.

How We Got Programmed

There are three types of programming.  One is genetic; it is  part of our heritage.  Genetic programming includes body functions, many personality traits, talents, etc. Another type of programming is environmental. It consists of everything we learn – our name, our sense of who we are  (self-image), how to read and write, how to dress and groom ourselves, how to drive, how to get along with people, the skills we are taught, etc. It also includes what we learned from our parents, TV, movies, peers, our teachers, what we read, the clergy and other authority figures. In addition, much of our environmental programming comes from commercials and ads that we see and/or hear over and over again.

There is also a third type of programming -- one that is rarely mentioned. This is mass mind or "race mind" (human race) consciousness. Dr. Carl Jung called it the "collective" unconscious".  This is the programming we unknowingly take on that reflects the beliefs and attitudes of our family, country, culture, ethnic and socio-economic groups. Generally, we are not aware that this is part of our programming, even though, to a great degree, much of our lives are run by it.

What Programming Is

Human programming functions like computer programming -- it determines outcomes. Our thoughts are the result of our programs. However, subconscious programs are not just thoughts that have been repeated and reinforced – they are neurological patterns within our cellular structure.Fascinating research of the last two decades by mind/body researchers such as Candace Pert, PHD,  author of "Molecules of Emotion", verifies that the subconscious mind is not just in our brain, but is in all the cells of the body.  This explains why our mental/emotional state so strongly affects our health. It also explains why, if we are to change our lives, we must do more than change our thoughts (which are the result of our beliefs -- conscious or subconscious).  We must change our programming.

How to Change Your Programs

To change programming, you must reach your cellular structure. There are two primary ways to do this. One is through a "quantum leap" in consciousness.  This is what happens when an alcoholic suddenly "finds God" and gives up alcohol cold turkey or when someone is in a hospital, diagnosed with terminal cancer and suddenly has a revelation and "knows" she has been healed…and new x-rays reveal the tumors are "gone". This can also happen with certain techniques.  However, this kind of sudden change is rare we usually call it a miracle.

The other primary way is through repetition and reinforcement.

Reaching the Subconscious

Most techniques for change go from the conscious mind to the subconscious and have to first "break through" the critical faculty. It takes a lot of repetition and reinforcement to get through. Remember learning how to spell or do arithmetic? Remember learning any new skill? You must do it over and over again.  And if you want to learn to do something you already know how to do, but do it differently (like learn a better way of bowling or golfing) it is even more difficult, because the old habits keep coming up.  Well, that's what reprogramming is all about. (SCWL has some great tapes for improving your bowling or golf scores, by the way.)

When we say affirmations a nd create mental images and they don't seem to work, it's because we haven't done enough repetition and reinforcement.  The truth is, the processes can become pretty frustrating, unless we have support from our subconscious.  And that's exactly what the amazing SCWL tapes give us.  They support our conscious efforts because they by-pass the critical faculty and go directly to the subconscious.  There they continuously repeat and reinforce positive, life-enhancing messages of your choice. And this all happens while you do something else.  In other words, you can go about living your life while SCWL tapes reprogram you for success, confidence, better health, wealth, joy, peace of mind…whatever you want.

How to Use SCWL Tapes

Subliminal means that the messages are heard below the level of your conscious awareness, while your conscious mind hears soothing sounds of nature (some music tapes are also available). You don't "listen" to SCWL tapes; they need be played no louder than a soft whisper. Unlike regular audio tapes or other self-help materials, you can have the benefit of these wonderful tools for transformation while you go about just living your life!  Play SCWL tapes in the background, while you work, play, eat, talk to friends and family, make phone calls, listen to music, watch TV.  You can even use the healing and calming tapes while you sleep. Because of the relaxing messages on some of the tapes, the manufacturer does not recommend using them while you drive. 

It is best to use an auto-reverse tape player, so they play continuously and you don't even have to get up to turn the tapes over.  All tapes come with simple, clear directions.  If ever you feel "uncomfortable" from playing them, it means your subconscious mind is fighting back.  This is always a good sign.  If you want, just reduce the amount of time you play the tapes. (If you don't have any discomfort -- and most people don't, it does not mean they aren't working. They work, if you play them.)

For best results, play your SCWL tapes every day. If you have numerous tape players, you can play as many as you like at the same time, for the subconscious mind can process billions of bits of information simultaneously. There are tapes for almost every area of life you can think of, including health, money, business and sales success, sports anxiety, relationships, changing habits, weight loss, stop smoking, managingstress -- and areas you probably never thought about. There are also wonderful tapes for children.

Differences in SCWL Tapes

SCWL tapes are unlike other self-help tools.  Each script is approved by the Self-Teaching Institute, an independent board of distinguished doctors and scholars whose disciplines include medicine, education and psychology. Next to the script, the most important thing is the frequency and tones within the tape. The manufacturer, Midwest Research of Michigan, uses multi-tracks and a wide variety of frequencies covering the spectrum of speech, 2,000-4,000 cycles per second, as well as many recordings at higher frequencies, all recorded with specific tones. There are other technical differences in these tapes that are proprietary.

The reason there are so many different tapes (over 130), including many that seem to be very "similar", is because everybody's programming is peculiarly their own, and some people respond better to some messages and technology than others. SCWL tapes can address all possibilities. 

Enhancing Health

I consider the SCWL tape, #64 Psychoneuroimmunology, to be a "life-saver".  When I was critically  ill several years ago, I played it day and night, and have no doubt it literally "peeled away" negative programming that would probably have made healing impossible. I highly recommend this tape, plus the #8 (Joy and Happiness) for anyone who is seriously ill.  As a matter of fact, I recommend these two tapes to anyone who wants to stay healthy.

While I continue to use and teach valuable conscious reprogramming techniques, such as those referred to earlier, I know that the effectiveness of those techniques is greatly enhanced when SCWL tapes are also used, for this gives us the support of the subconscious mind. Also, since they are continuously reprogramming us, we do not have to spend as much time doing the conscious techniques. With the hectic schedules most of us have these days, that is extremely important.

SCWL tapes are powerful leading-edge technological "tools for change" that provide the simplest and easiest way of changing subconscious programs.  They're so effective, they are sold with a lifetime guarantee. 

If you want to change the way you think, and make important changes in your life, pop an SCWL tape into a cassette player (preferably auto-reverse) and just Press Play.

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