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How To Get What You Want
Part I - The Law of Attraction.

By Beverly Nadler

What do you want more of? Money? Success in your business? Better health? Inner peace? Good relationships? What do you want less of? Stress? Financial challenges? People problems? Frustrations?

To discover how to get more of what they want and less of what  they don't want, millions of people are spending billions of  dollars on personal growth, health and business success books, tapes and courses. How well is this working?

The  Results of Self-Work

How  well it's working depends on whom you talk to. While some fortunate  people swear by one or another "tool" or technique that they  feel changed their life, many others consider the books, tapes and courses to be "band aids" that give relief and make you  feel good for awhile until the next inevitable challenge or  trauma occurs. According to the experts - companies who sell success and motivational seminars and materials -- only about  3-5% of the people who sincerely seek change feel they have meaningful, long-lasting results in their lives. I believe that this is because most people are not getting vital information. It's not enough to be told we create our lives with our mind. Most people who are involved with self improvement and success studies know this and even use a variety of techniques to "change  their mind", such as affirmations, mental imagery and meditation.

The  Missing "Link"

The  vital information that's missing concerns the universal (spiritual) and mental laws that govern our lives. Without this knowledge, it is often impossible to see the relationship between what  we want in life, how we use our mind, our subconscious programming  AND what we actually get. As a result, self-work creates enormous  challenges, for we encounter tremendous resistance, both internally and in our external experiences. Unless we understand what is  happening, change is just too difficult.

The  Laws of Energy

In order to understand how we get what we get in life, it is necessary  to know about the "energy theory" of quantum physics -- namely that all that exists in the universe is ENERGY. Science finally verifies what spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical teachings have stated for thousands of years...there is ONE Power (or  one Intelligence) in the universe, and everything that exists comes out of this Power/Intelligence or, as science calls it,  "the unified field of energy". While the finite mind can not  understand the Infinite, we CAN learn the laws by which the Infinite governs the universe - and these are the laws of energy.

In this article we are primarily concerned with the Laws of Vibration and Attraction ("real laws" like the laws of gravity and electricity), for when properly understood, they tell us exactly why and how  we get what we get in life.

We Are All Magnets

All  forms of energy - physical, mental and spiritual - are in a constant state of vibration. The non-physical world -- thoughts,  sounds, emotions, words, etc. - vibrate just as the physical world does. Most people know this at some level because we "feel" vibrations and often comment that we "like the vibes" (of a room or person, for instance). Our vibrations are determined  by our mental state at any given time. We are told we create with thoughts, but most of our thoughts are really automatic  responses coming from our subconscious programs (our beliefs).  These "thoughts" produce feelings and the combination of our  thoughts and feelings radiate vibrations into the universe.  All energy is electro-magnetic, and all forms of energy are  continually attracting and repelling other forms (remember the  electrons and protons you learned about in grade school?). What  is not generally understood is that the human mind is one of the most powerful sources of energy on the planet, and by Law of Attraction, the vibrations from our mind attract to us the people, things, conditions, situations, circumstances and events that we resonate in harmony with. These, whether desired or  undesired, become our life.

Like radio broadcasts and receivers, the human mind, sends and receives vibrations. Just as thousands of radio stations are vibrating  programs and we only pick up the one our radio receiver resonates  with, so we only pick up (attract to ourselves) what we resonate with. All other vibrations pass us by.

Since  we literally create our lives (consciously and unconsciously) with our vibrations, it makes sense, (doesn't it?) that the way to get what you want is to change your point of attraction by changing your vibrations.

Click Here for Part II - Vibrational Harmony -- the Secret of Success

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List and Links to Articles

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