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How to Get What You Want
Part 2 - Vibrational Harmony -- the Secret of Success

By Beverly Nadler

If you ask a number of people what success is, you'll get a number  of different answers. To me, it means getting what you want.  Vibrational harmony is not only the secret of success, it  is the only thing that explains how life "works". It explains ESP and how a sleeping mother "hears" her child in another room when he's in pain, and why people are instantaneously  attracted to each other (or repelled) for no discernable reason.  Vibrations explain how some people sense certain characteristics  in others without knowing why. The influence of vibrations is illustrated by the "crowd mentality", when normally sane  people exhibit frenzied behavior as they get caught up in  the energy field of a riot. The effect of vibrations also explains why Helen Keller, who was deaf, dumb and blind, loved  music and attended concerts, and why subliminal tapes that  you can't hear, can bring about positive changes.

When your vibrations are in harmony, or resonance, with what you  want, by Law of Attraction, you attract it. When they're not,  you don't. All vibrations have a measurement called frequency , or rate, of vibration. As an example of how vibrations attract each other, think of your radio. Thousands of stations, all broadcasting at different frequencies (rates), are sending out their signals (vibrations), yet the only station you hear  is the one your radio is turned to, or in resonance with.  All other vibrations pass you and your radio by.

Different  forms of energy resonate with each other, and whatever we have in any area of life - health, finances, career, family, social, etc.- is attracted to us because we are in vibrational  harmony with it. The higher the rate of the vibrations we radiate or "broadcast" - and we are always radiating our vibrations  -- the more likely we are to experience the positive aspects of life. By Law of Polarity, life expresses as both positive and negative, but when we understand how the universal and mental laws work (see previous article), we know how to attract  more of what we want. It is said that love heals; this is not surprising, for love has a very high vibration.

How  to Change Your Vibrations

 There are numerous things that affect vibrations, including natural healing techniques, color, light, music, essential oils, and the Chi machine. (E-mail me with questions on any  of these.) The most powerful way of changing your vibrations, however, is learning to master your mental and emotional state.  Because of the negative beliefs we all carry in our subconscious  mind (our "programming"), we may consciously choose and vibrate positive thoughts, while our subconscious vibrates something  else. When we don't choose our thoughts at all (which is most of the time), the vibrations we radiate come from our subconscious beliefs. Most of our unpleasant thoughts and emotions are  really automatic responses caused by programming. The effect of subconscious vibrations explains why we can affirm and visualize what we want, yet attract something totally different…often something we don't want.

Releasing  Negatives and Installing Positives

What can be done about this? You need to discover, identify and change your programs. First, become aware of your thoughts and feelings. Never bury or ignore feelings or emotions because  they're unpleasant -- or because you think you're not "supposed" to feel fear, anger, jealousy or hatred, etc. These are part of being human, and, in truth, your feelings are your friends, for they reveal your beliefs and let you know when you are  consciously or unconsciously focused upon, and, therefore,  in resonance with, something you find undesirable. Your uncomfortable  feelings are "signals" telling you to examine your thoughts and beliefs, for these are the cause of negative emotions, in the first place. Always acknowledge and allow yourself to experience your feelings; then look for the underlying thought, which can lead you to the negative belief. If you  ignore or try to bury negative emotions, the energy gets stored in your psyche where it continues to vibrate without your awareness, creating and attracting illness, accidents and  other unpleasant circumstances.

Fortunately, it is possible to release negative programs and let go of  stored negative emotions. Since so many of our programs have been reinforced for years, maybe our entire life, this is an on-going process. I personally use and recommend a variety of techniques and tools. I know how effective they are, for  they helped me heal from a critical illness several years  ago. (SCWL tapes, especially #64, "Psychoneuroimmunology", are among my favorite tools.) Reprogramming your subconscious  mind is the key to getting what you want. That's why I spend  time with clients first explaining the "link" between their desires and universal law, vibrations and subconscious programming.  Next, I help them identify and release the negative programs and emotions that interfere with their goals. Then we "install"  and reinforce the new programs they consciously choose. With these positive new programs, the vibrations they radiate are  finally in harmony with, and thus able to attract, what they  want.

That's what success is all about! .

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