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Excerpted from Chapter 4 of "Vibrational Harmony"

The Paradigm We Accept Runs Our Life

What we call "right" or "the truth" comes from our paradigms. The model we accept as real is like the lens through which we view and form our opinions about everything that is connected with specific areas of our lives. When it is an all-inclusive paradigm about how life works, it is the lens through which we view everything about ourselves, our lives and the entire world. Therefore, the model that represents reality to us dictates our perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions. In short, it becomes the operating system of each individual's mental computer.

As such, it is to your life what the operating system of your electronic computer is to your computer. If you have a PC (personal computer) you know that a PC's operating system (such as Microsoft Windows 2000 or MAC OS8.6) runs the computer. Every program is dependent upon the operating system because it determines how all the other programs work.  This is true, both in your electronic computer and your mental computer. That's why the operating system of your mental computer (your subconscious mind) affects every area of your life.

In Chapter 8, which explains the Energy Model in detail, you will see that science now confirms what ancient wisdom has taught for centuries. It is only since quantum physics revealed some of its theories that we can understand how the Energy Model completely alters our view of the universe and our relationship to it. While theories of quantum physics continually change as new discoveries confound even the most brilliant scientists on the planet, we (you and I) are concerned with only one theory…the one that tells us that we live in a "unified field of energy".

Being aware that energy is all there is, and understanding how energy operates, inspires us to do what it takes to let go of the Material Model and accept the Energy Model as our operating system. Once we do this and learn to live in harmony with the laws of energy, we make sense out of our lives and our universe.  What's more, we also have new tools to help us enjoy greater success, health and prosperity.

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