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BEVERLY NADLER, CH, CMT - Speaker, Author, Trainer, Re-Programming Coach and Consultant

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How To Create The Life You Want!

"Vibrational Harmony is the art and science of attracting and creating what you want." - Beverly Nadler

For the Sincere Seeker Who Wants to Understand How Life REALLY Works…

How to Create Order in Your Life In Spite of the Chaos

                                                            with Beverly Nadler




VIBRATIONAL HARMONY is a one-of-a-kind seminar and workshop that correlates and integrates the ancient wisdom of metaphysics and Hermetic Philosophy with the latest scientific discoveries of psychology and modern physics. This program

  • Reveals the relationship between what we want, the laws that govern the universe, how we use our mind, subconscious programming and what we actually get.
  • Fills in the "gaps" and shows you the threads of truth that unify all great philosophies, religions and spiritual teachings.
  • Gives you simple processes to help you change programming so you can get what you want.

This timely program explains "the rules of the game of life".  It will help you make sense out of senseless events, and give the information and tools you need to create a life of order, even in the midst of chaos and in spite of tragedy.

  • Discover "The Energy Model" and the laws that govern our Universe including the Laws of Vibration, Attraction, Polarity and Rhythm
  • Understand WHY it is so difficult for most people to make long term changes
  • Know how your mind functions conscious, subconscious and Superconscious
  • Learn how to be in "vibrational harmony" with your desires and goals
  • Develop absolute faith and trust in yourself and the Universe
  • Reduce your level of stress, tension and anxiety
  • Enjoy more success, health, prosperity, love and confidence whatever you want

and much, much more

You can host this training in your area. Please contact me for details.

BEVERLY NADLER is an international speaker, trainer and award winning author.  A certified hypnotherapist, she is also a personal and business consultant and who appears on platforms with noted speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Bernie Seigel and others. Her many media interviews include Good Morning, NY.  She is the author of Dynamic Self-Healing manuals, co-author of How to Get What You Want and creator/narrator of Success Through Self-Confidence audiotape. Her latest book is the acclaimed "Good Vibrations".

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For more information, or to hire Beverly to speak at your conference, training, convention or retreat, contact her at or 203-373-1943

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