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BEVERLY NADLER, CH, CMT - Speaker, Author, Trainer, Re-Programming Coach and Consultant

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"Your superb book arrived today and I gobbled it up immediately. I loved it, and in my next newsletter, this is what I say: Beverly Nadler's "Vibrational Harmony" shares the essence of the author's wide-ranging wisdom to help you overcome negative thinking, anxiety, stress, and other barriers to success in your life. Beverly has an amazing ability to take profound truths and ancient teachings and synthesize, simplify, and present them in a powerfully inspiring and life-changing way. The book explains why your efforts to change and improve certain aspects of your life have often been met with frustration and struggle, why your life is controlled by your subconscious programming (beliefs and attitudes), and how to reprogram your subconscious to help you get what you want."
Dianna Keel, Health, Nutrition and Life-Style Coach

"The KAIZEN process of continuous improvement is the motto for my life. I have yet to read a book like yours that is all encompassing and truly provides a model to understand what a person can do to change their consciousness to the Energy model. I have learned more from reading your book this week, than I have reading an average of one book per two weeks for the last 10 years. I am convinced that more and more people need to understand the energy model and at some point we will reach critical mass and the masses will embrace the energy model not just for their physical health, but their emotional and spiritual health as well. Congratulations. The spirit in me salutes the spirit in you."
Dr. Gilles Lamarche, Chiropractor

"I've 'been there and done that' as the saying goes (20 years), until I studied with Beverly Nadler. After having read and practiced just about every healing modality (from leading authors to Zen Buddhism, psychotherapy and prescription medicine), I finally discovered powerful and effective practices for healing my life. Now others can experience this enormous transformation and discovery in her wonderful book".
Joan Patrice Klein, Interior Designer, Feng Shui Consultant

"With the simplicity that a child can understand, Beverly Nadler explains how to tap the incredible power of the universe and help you use that information to create success and personal fulfillment. I LOVED this book because it is straight forward and understandable. More importantly, it will motivate you to use this new understanding to change your life for the better. That is a miracle!"
Dr. Larry Markson, CEO, The Masters Circle, Inc.

"Your book is wonderful! It gets straight to the point in a direct, personal and loving manner. What is so lovely about it is first, your honesty, directly talking as if one on one. It feels as though you are right there speaking and sharing with the reader. Secondly, it is 100% applicable for Lightworkers of all stages. Although it is perfect for beginners, oh, how easy it is to forget the basics or bypass them all together. Your book is a precious reminder for those who have forgotten to keep practicing the basics. "Vibrational Harmony" offers the advanced Lightworker the cornerstone, the foundation, to build their/our castles in the sky. Thank you!"
Janna Shelley Parker, Author, Spiritual Counselor

"Beverly's teachings about the true laws of the Universe and how they work is a pure and refreshing course in the truth about the Law of Attraction, and many other laws at work in our lives which INTERACT with the Law of Attraction. Her book Vibrational Harmony is an excellent instruction book to create our lives deliberately as we choose. And better yet, how to engage these laws in a pro-active manner with powerful results. Do yourself a favor and save yourself hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Buy her book and study it carefully. Apply what she teaches. And bring her to your audiences, too. Beverly masterfully unmasks the truth about The Secret that those in the 'know' really don't want revealed! "
Diana Huston, healer and psychic visionary

"Finally, a gem of a book that presents a concise and clear step by step approach to guide you to reprogram your subconscious mind and overcome negativity, anxiety, stress, and other barriers to success."
Norma Lent Auerbach, PhD, hypnotherapist, stress mgmt consultant, author "Bodymind Relaxation Strategies."

"WOW! I just got home from Vegas and wanted to say "Thank You!" I read your book in the airport and on the way home. It is outstanding! The information is amazing! You have written it SO clearly and made it elegantly simple, even for the lay person with little or no knowledge of spiritual laws. I have truly not read anything so easy to understand. As you have written it, it simply makes sense. Thank you for the wisdom and the message and for being the messenger!"
Dr. Fran Assaf, Chiropractor

Vibrational Harmony contains sound principles for changing one’s life that are unique and easy for the average person to use. I have enjoyed opening up the potential for people to use this information and I am adding the book to my patient library for self-help. Thank you Beverly, for your tireless efforts to get out the answers that many people are searching for.
Dr. Ron Deyo, Chiropractor

I am a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who had the good fortune to have a consultation with Beverly. It was an outgrowth of purchasing her book "Vibrational Harmony". First, let me say that this dynamic woman has written a book that would be a real asset for people in private practice to sell or cost in for their clients. It explains and teaches how the universe and other issues in energy healing work. This could supplement the work we are doing with our clients. The book is easy to read and an added benefit is you do not have to wade through fillers to get to the meat!
Nan Marks M.S. W., C. Cht., Dipl.C.S., NLP Practitioner

Beverly Nadler's book, Vibrational Harmony, was of great help in my understanding of myself and the way the mind and consciousness works in relation to our lives and what we want. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand. She helped me and my family at a time when we were very down, and I am sure that her new book is going to be even more helpful. It will be of great help to others who want to understand the processes that are going on in their lives without being made to feel they are solely to blame and guilty for all negative things and events. Beverly helps us get better control of our lives, so we can have more happiness and success.
Charles I. Knowlton, Retired radio engineer, N.C. State government


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