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Reduce Stress by Understanding
"How Life Works"

by Beverly Nadler

Though there are many different forms of stress, they fall into the following classifications – physical (structural and chemical), mental/emotional and spiritual. Stress caused by falls, accidents and poor posture are structural and can be corrected with chiropractic or other types of structural therapeutic modalities. The chemical stress of poor diet, smoking, drugs, environmental pollutants, etc., can be counteracted with an improved life style, including addition of whole foods (especially organic) and natural supplements to reduce toxicity and provide necessary nutrients. 

Mental/emotional and spiritual stress -- the ever-present thoughts, emotions and beliefs that interfere with peace of mind – must also be counteracted. Fortunately, there are powerful methods for releasing these.

It is also important to learn how to avoid this type of stress as much as possible (Note: you can never eliminate stress…it is part of life). By knowing "how life works" – how and why things happen the way they do in the world -- a great deal of stress is automatically avoided. It is "not knowing" that causes so much fear, doubt and worry. When you don't understand why things happen as they do, you are often in a state of tension, unconsciously (if not consciously) waiting for the next thing to "go wrong" – waiting for "the other shoe to fall", so to speak.

Research reveals that the people who suffer most from stress are those who feel they don't have control over their lives. It is not the pressured, over-worked executive – it is the employee who has little say about what happens to him or her. It is the older person who must depend on someone else to make decisions for his/her life.  Being in control is of major importance in reducing stress, and when things we don't choose happen -- seemingly without rhyme or reason – your sense of control disappears.

The purpose of this article is to give you little-known, vital information that explains how life works, why things happen as they do and how we "create with our mind". (Although most personal growth and success teachings tell us that we create with our mind, they don't actually explain the process by which this happens.)  This essential knowledge puts you in control of your own life and eliminates a major source of confusion, doubt, fear and frustration – all of which are extremely stress-producing.

Much of the information in this article was once only taught to privileged royalty and political, military and religious leaders. The masses were not supposed to have this knowledge, for it would give them the power to control their own lives, thus removing power from vested interests. But with the dawning of the 21st century, it is clear that everyone, regardless of economic, social and cultural background has the right (and responsibility) to take charge of his/her own life.  And to do that we need to have the information that has been withheld. There are four major areas of knowledge that have not been shared with the public, which. I call "missing links".

The Four Missing Links

The first "missing link" is the lack of information about energy and the natural laws that govern our lives. These laws are based on Hermetic Philosophy which was taught in ancient esoteric and Mystery schools.  Quantum physics now confirms that these laws are the same as the laws of energy.

Second, the public is not taught how the human mind operates. Most people don't know how the three "parts" of the mind – conscious, subconscious and super-conscious -- function. Nor are they aware of the powerful "barrier" of the mind, called the critical faculty. They are also unaware of the influence upon their mind of "mass mind consciousness" (or, as, Dr. Carl Jung called it, "the collective unconscious").  To better understand what "mass mind consciousness" is and where it comes from, read "Vibrational Harmony" (see

Third, until now, there has been no simple, clear correlation and integration that reveals the "threads of truth" that run through and unify the massive amount of often conflicting philosophical, spiritual, psychological, metaphysical and scientific material that are part of the "personal growth" teachings.

Fourth, the public is not aware of a powerful new technology for change, called "energy psychology" that helps us remove and release negative programming and traumas from our mind and body.

The Energy Model and the Laws of Energy

Quantum physics tells us that we live in a "unified field of energy" and everything that exists is energy that comes out of this one energy field. Science also tells us that the human mind is the source of some of the most powerful energy that exists. It's taken thousands of years for science to validate ancient metaphysical and spiritual principles and teachings.

Here are two important facts about energy: All energy vibrates, with each form of energy vibrating at its own specific frequency (rate). Energy is electro-magnetic. These two facts tell us that everything that exists –  physical, mental/emotional and spiritual – is continuously vibrating and in a state of attracting and repelling.  By natural law, we attract what we are in vibrational harmony with.  (Note: we automatically put ourselves into vibrational harmony with whatever we focus our attention upon – wanted or unwanted.).

If you want health, but keep thinking about your illness, you put yourself in harmony with more illness. If you want money, but your focus of attention is on your bills and the injustice of not having enough money, you are really focusing on the lack of money, and you put yourself in harmony with more lack.  These are the impersonal Laws of Vibration and Attraction in operation. These laws, and the other laws of energy, are the fundamental rules for life and the foundation for all change, growth, success and healing.

Understanding How the Mind Works

For decades, millions of people have been told that by changing their thoughts they can change their lives, but relatively few people have really seen that happen. That's because the "process" of how we create with thought is not explained. Nor are we told why the mind resists change. As a result of trying various techniques in an effort to change, and not succeeding, people become frustrated and lose self-confidence – thus producing more stress. Change is never easy; and when you don't know how your mind works, it is often impossible. 

Your conscious mind has free will and is supposed to think, choose and decide. Your subconscious contains all memory, imagination and instructions (like the instructions in a computer) for running your body and your life. You have programs that control body functions and tell your heart how to beat, your lungs how to breathe, etc. The beliefs you have taken on (from family, friends, experts, the media, and mass mind consciousness) are also programs and they cause you to think, act and respond as you do. The subconscious is very powerful, and many of our "thoughts" are not thoughts at all; they are automatic reactions coming from subconscious programming.

Your superconscious connects you to the Infinite. It is the inspired, intuitive, unlimited part of you. By tuning into your superconscious, what we call "magic" and miracles can happen. The critical faculty is the barrier between your conscious and subconscious that prevents anything from reaching your subconscious unless it agrees with whatever is already programmed. This barrier vehemently resists change, Not knowing it exists, and/or not knowing "how" to break through this barrier, creates tremendous stress.

Integrating and Correlating

By integrating and correlating the many diverse teachings, you see the intricate relationship between what you want, the universal and mental laws, how you use your mind, your subconscious programs and what you actually get in life. When you understand this relationship, you automatically reduce your level of stress because you know you live in an orderly universe, governed by exact laws that you can learn.

Putting It All Together

Here's how life works: Our entire universe is a unified field of energy, and all that exists comes out of this one energy field. Energy vibrates and is magnetic. Everything about human beings vibrates, and it is the vibrations coming from our mind, radiating into the unified field, that attract our life to us.  It is not just our thoughts that make up these vibrations.  It is our thoughts, perceptions and feelings – most of which are coming from our subconscious -- that determine our life. When we vibrate at a high "positive" frequency, we attract the right career, the right mate, the right home, the right health practitioner, etc. for us.

A Technology of Change That Works

To attract more of what you want, you need to change your vibrations. To change your vibrations, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind. The most popular techniques are mental imagery, affirmations, prayer, meditation, breathwork and chanting/sound. One of the most important techniques, however, is virtually unknown. It is "releasing" – letting go of the negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, programs and patterns that interfere with you getting what you want. These are forms of energy that have gotten "stuck" in your neurology and the cells of your body. This stuck energy keeps you from vibrating in harmony with what you want, and also can cause a myriad of physical disorders. The system of acupuncture is based on this knowledge, and the techniques used to release negative energy are based on acupuncture. In fact, some therapists call it "emotional acupuncture".

If everyone knew these four "missing links", stress, stress-caused illnesses and stress-induced aggressive behaviors would be significantly reduced.

Copyright Beverly Nadler 2002

For more information on natural healing and better stress management, contact Beverly at 203-373-1943 or click here

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