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Success Through Self Confidence

By Beverly Nadler

There's a special "something" that everyone wants.  I'm not talking about money or good looks (sure, everyone wants those, but the "something" I am talking about is not dependent upon either, and often leads to both.) This is an inner quality that exudes magnetism, certainty, assurance and charisma.  People who have it, not only draw other people to them, they attract fortuitous circumstances and conditions as well.  You can't buy it in a store, and only a few people are born with it – but it's available to everyone.

 Of course, you know what it is. It's self-confidence. Confidence is defined as "trust in" and "reliance upon".  When you have self-confidence, you trust in, and rely upon, yourself.  You know you are your own best friend and have the ability to become, achieve and acquire whatever you want. That knowledge radiates through you, giving you an attractiveness that far exceeds perfect features and careful grooming. With self-confidence, you know you are in charge of your own life, able to rely on your own choices, decisions and actions. This knowledge reduces the tension and anxiety that is so detrimental to a youthful, healthy appearance.  And since self-confidence propels you to go for, and attain your cherished goals, you can create the financial freedom most people only dream about.

Self-Confidence Gives You Power

All this just from having self-confidence?  Yes, because implicit in self-confidence is self-esteem, appreciation for yourself and a good self-image.  These positive states of mind are very powerful. When you have self-confidence, life is a joyous experience, for you know that regardless of your current circumstances (financially, career-wise, in your relationships), you have the power, within yourself, to change whatever you'd like to be different.

If you've read any self-help books, heard any motivational speakers or attended any success trainings, you've learned, probably over and over again, that you "create your life with your thoughts". After all, every personal growth, human potential and business success teaching and teacher repeats this in one form or another.

However, thoughts are the result of beliefs, and at the very core of the beliefs that shape your life – your health, career, relationships, finances, level of happiness – are the ones you have about yourself. Do you love yourself? Do you trust yourself?  Do you believe in yourself?  Do you feel good about yourself? Do you treat yourself kindly? Do you enjoy being you?

On first impulse, most people answer "of course" to those questions.  But upon further examination, we find that it is a rare person who is really pleased with him or herself.  Usually we are our own worst critics,  the people we find hardest to forgive. We are demanding of perfection, resentful of what we consider to be failures, and unaccepting of our human flaws and errs.  Odd as it may seem, the aberrant behavior we see all around us is the result, not of people thinking they are so "hot" they can do what they please, but rather people feeling that no matter what they do, it is never good enough…so, the attitude becomes, why bother?

The Energy Model -- How We "Create" Our Life with Thought

Before I explain how to develop more confidence, let me comment upon the concept that we create our lives with our thoughts.  This is not entirely accurate, for in actuality we "attract" our lives, not with our thoughts, but with our vibrations, as you will soon see. However, even if the statement was entirely true, few people understand how (the process by which) our thoughts become our reality. What I am about to describe below, is the foundation of my work, and reveals why being the master of your own mind is the only way to master your life. It is by far the most significant, life-transforming information I can share with you. Though it may sound like a science lesson,  I assure you that as you continue reading, you'll be fascinated and enlightened beyond your expectations. And soon you'll see how it applies to self-confidence…and everything else in life.

The reason our thoughts are so important is because we live in an energy universe.  Scientists now agree that everything on the physical, mental and spiritual level – including the air we breathe, physical objects, plant life, the animal kingdom (to which humans belong), plus our actions, thoughts, feelings and ideas – are all composed of the same "stuff" -- energy.  Quantum physics says we live in a "unified field of energy", and every speck of energy is conscious (meaning it responds to stimuli).  In so saying, they confirm the metaphysical teachings that everything in the universe comes from "one consciousness", and the  biblical reference to the God in which "we live, move and have our being".  It makes no difference what name you call this creative Power, It is all there is, and we are part of It.  Not only that, everything about us is energy, including our thoughts and beliefs. And one of the most potent forms of energy on the planet is focused thought.

Laws of Energy are the Universal and Mental Laws of Life Are the Same

The Power that created the universe operates it according to law, using the laws of energy. While the finite mind can never fully understand the infinite, we can understand the laws of energy.  Since these are also the universal (spiritual) and mental laws that govern our lives, it is imperative that we do so, if we want to become deliberate creators of our own lives. The first things to know about energy is that it is in constant motion (vibration) and is electro-magnetic. Everything in the universe continuously vibrates, each at its own specific rate of vibration.  Because all energy is electro-magnetic, vibrations that are in harmony with each other attract each other, while vibrations that are not in harmony repel each other. 

What does this mean to you?  It explains how and why your life is as it is…and how you can change it to be what you want it to be. You are constantly projecting your vibrations; this is your "energy field".  Your vibrations radiate from your mind; they are your conscious and subconscious beliefs, thoughts and feelings.  As your energy field radiates into the unified (one) energy field, it attracts back to you whatever you are in vibrational harmony with; everything else passes you by. The energy fields you attract come in the form of people, conditions, things, events and circumstances that become your life. To create the energy field you want, you must learn to master your mind. But first you must know some things about the role of your subconscious.

Your Amazing Subconscious Mind

Your conscious mind is the part of you that "thinks" (or thinks it thinks) chooses, and makes decisions. In reality, however, it is the subconscious mind that directs your conscious mind.  Your subconscious is "programmed", much like a computer is programmed, and just as programming in a computer determines outcomes, so does programming in the subconscious.  This programming determines the outcomes of your life.  Most of what we call thoughts are really automatic responses coming from subconscious beliefs (programs). These beliefs "cause" you to think the way you do. If you are programmed for failure, you will have failure thoughts, until your programming changes.

On the other hand, with the belief that you'll be a star (whether you were born with the belief, it was given to you, or you gave it to yourself), you will become a star. Think Barbra, Madonna, Jim Carrey, Michael Jordon.  Even when their circumstances would have discouraged most people, their confidence in themselves and faith that they were born to be stars never faltered. When conditions belied their belief, they heeded the advice of Dr. William James (the father of modern psychology) – "fake it 'til you make it". If they didn't hold fast to their dream, stardom would have been impossible, for they would have attracted the physical equivalent of their negative beliefs and thoughts.

What if you don't have that inner belief, that required self-confidence?  What if your programming says "I can't" rather than "I can"?  What if your programming warns you only of the risks and dangers of a new project and ignores the rewards -- what can you do? 

You can "reprogram"your mental computer. Replace beliefs of failure and limitation, of fear and frustration, with beliefs of success and abundance, with faith and enthusiasm.  As the vibrations created by these positive thoughts and feelings radiate into the unified field of energy, you not only become more confident, you are in harmony with the "good" things of life. From that state of mind, focused on what you want (and not focused on fear that you won't get it), the universe has to attract back to you the people, conditions, things, situations, circumstances and events that can fulfill your desires.

Reprogramming Yourself

The reprogramming process requires dedication to repeating and reinforcing affirmations (positive statements) and visualizations (mental images) depicting what you want. Daily, at least in the morning and evening, "see", "feel" and verbalize the experience you want. Reprogramming takes time, just as it took time for you to be programmed in the first place. Until your subconscious is reprogrammed, your old thoughts will continue to vibrate. However, you don't have to allow programming from the past to determine your future. 

Creation takes place in each moment.  Be aware of and choose your thoughts.  Decide what you want to think. Decide to think and tell yourself (and the universe): "I deserve the best", "I am the best", "I believe in myself", "I can do it", "I am meant to succeed". As you continue to reprogram yourself, the new thoughts will become as automatic as the old ones had been. Though it isn't easy to create new mental habit patterns, it's the only way change becomes possible. Expect your self-work to give you results, and it will. That's self-confidence at work!  

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