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Marvin Scott is gifted Opera Singer. The eloquence with which he writes makes his testimonial one of my favorites.

Dear Beverly,

Thanks for all the wonderful work you have done. Here is a testimonial that you are free to use it in any capacity -- and that goes for anything I write that can help you help others. You have a great gift and I am looking forward to our continued work in the future.

After I had my first session with Beverly, I believe Lifeís complicated simplicities began unraveling right before my eyes. I came to Beverly because of major performance anxiety at auditions. I am an opera singer and a great performance at an audition is crucial to surviving economically. You may be an incredible performer on stage but if you canít prove it to the director you are eating Ramon noodles and not steak.

Even before we worked together, her prefatory exercises began a change in me. I felt better about my singing by focusing on what was good. I was asked to write down all positive compliments people gave me over the years. The shocking thing was how hard it was to remember them at first. This is hard to believe because people usually shower you with compliments after you sing and I have been doing it for years as a professional I have a storehouse to draw from. But as I started to focus and bring them out of my memory bank, there was a joy that came back.

I havenít felt this joy since I was in school with the green-eyed excitement of a future creating art for your work. It helps me to remember that singing is spiritual, and Art is bigger than the artist. The short of it is that I feel more connected to things outside of me as opposed to constantly nitpicking and judging myself the small things that diminish the bigger picture. We all want to be moved in some way when we receive art and God has blessed me with a gift that has allowed that for hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. I am part of a big circle of inspiration and working with Beverly has helped me remember that.

During the session we did some relaxing visualization and some work on eradicating the emotional effects of one of my recent panicked ridden auditions. I was surprised at the deep impact of the first session. I had no Idea I was carrying around this guilt, shame and disappointment over just one event. When I was freed from its effects I felt as if I lost fifty pounds. It was as if I was walking around with a medicine ball on my shoulders and she simply asked my subconscious to gently put it down. I have seen the results mostly in my practicing. I have been able to do things vocally this week that I have had major trouble with before. Swelling high notes, deep lows, smooth legato lines, and sharp crescendos all at my whim without the hesitation of judgment. In addition, the sounds are closer to ideal than I was able to get to before. I am excited to see what happens as we continue.

It feels as if I am a painter who had masterpieces in his hands and heart but was only allowed to use black and white and shades of gray. On Tuesday I was given a thousand colors and I am a grateful receiver.


Marvin Scott
Long Island, New York

NOTE: After only a few sessions, Marvin passed his auditions with "flying colors", and is joyfully singing professionally again.

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