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To release stress, you must pause and give your body the opportunity to go into a different "mode".  You want to "change your vibrations" from the inside.

These recommendations are taken from DYNAMIC SELF HEALING COURSE Volume One  -- (Chapter 6 "How To Change Your Resonance")

The first thing to do is become conscious and aware of your thoughts and feelings. When they are negative - or when you are feeling uneasy, disturbed, anxious, etc. - you KNOW you are resonating with what you don't want.

Try to figure out what is bothering you. ALL feelings, subtle or intense, are preceded by a thought or outside stimulant.  Do whatever you need to do to RE-FOCUS your attention, so that you change your state, which changes your resonance. The following "activities" will change your state IN THE MOMENT, and, if practiced as part of your routine of life, they will help to permanently reprogram you:

*Take rhythmic breaths - any rhythm is fine  (through your nose, unless your nose is so clogged up that you can't)

*"Sigh" deeply -  if you're in a state of tension/anxiety only, not if you're depressed.

*Long breaths in/rapid, strong breaths out - Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. This breath  will wake you up from depression.

*Alter your  physiology - Tony  Robbins is big on this one.  Change  the way you stand, the way you hold your shoulders and head,  the way  you walk; look up instead of down, smile instead of frown, etc.

*Talk  to  yourself until you change your perception and thoughts and see the situation from a new perspective.

*Talk to someone else who is willing to listen, and/or can help you see things differently.  

*Visualize -  create  a mental picture of what you want, in full  detail.

*Affrim - repeat meaningful, inspiring (to you) affirmations/statements.

*Meditate - sit quietly and breathe gently; even five minutes is beneficial; more is better.

*Pray  positively -  as if you believe you deserve the "good" in life.

*Give  gratitude -  think of what you have to be thankful for.

*Relax - lie down, relax and listen to peaceful music, a subliminal or "healing"  tape.

*Be entertained - watch a TV program you enjoy; rent a video; go to a movie, etc.

*Take a brisk walk - bring your walkman and listen to a positive tape or uplifting music.

*Exercise -  jog,  run, lift weights, go to the gym, go bowling, etc. 

*Movement - do yoga postures, tai chi, flowing  dance movements, etc.

*Play  with  your  kids (unless, of course, this makes you feel more negative).

*Hold  your pet - and/or stroke,  or  play  with him or her (or watch your fish).

*Do something creative - sing, draw, dance, write, play drums, paint, play the piano, mold clay, finger paint, etc.

*Play at your hobby   (if you  don't have one, and have been thinking about it, pursue that hobby, for it will help you in the future to change your resonance).

*Read  from a motivating or inspiring book - a few pages will do as long as it's enough to change your focus.

*Listen to a few moments of a tape that informs, inspires and/or motivates you.

*Laugh -  if  you can't  think of anything funny, read from a funny  book, watch  a funny TV show or video, or do whatever it takes to laugh. Norman Cousins watched Candid Camera videos and Marx Brothers movies to recover from his terminal illness.

These  are NOT  listed  in  order of "importance".  At any given time,  whatever re-focuses YOUR attention and changes your resonance is the right one or ones for you. In addition, one or preferably several, of the above should also be part of your daily routine - practiced EVEN WHEN YOU ARE FEELING GREAT!

By following the above, you will change your attitude "in the moment", and you will also be reprogramming yourself. In time you'll find that many of your attitudes and responses are automatically different. You will be less "charged" by things and people that formerly bothered you, and you will more frequently vibrate with higher, more positive frequencies, and those frequencies will draw more of  the things you want to you.

The above is taken from Dynamic Self-Healing Manuals.

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