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Testimonials - Private Coaching Clients

How wonderful is Beverly Nadler? Let me count the ways. Shes unbelievably intuitive and perceptive. She understood things about me that I never completely understood, in spite of the years of seminars and workshops and therapy and self-help books and programs and my own immensely powerful brain. Shes wonderfully practical - her assignments are clear, doable, and helpful. Shes persistent and creative - if Im not getting something, she comes up with another perspective or a different exercise or a new metaphor until something clicks. Shes compassionate and trustworthy - its completely safe to tell her even the things Im afraid to admit to myself. I enjoyed her delightful sense of humor and spontaneity. To read the entire testimonial, click here.
Joyce Henderson, Life Coach, CA

Before working with Beverly, I took so many workshops, bought so many tapes and spent so much money -- not understanding why the techniques weren't working for me. As a result of our telephone sessions, I have grown by leaps and bounds. No matter what comes up for me, I now know I have the tools by which I can break down these barriers, discarding them permanently.
D.H. small business  owner, FL

The techniques you taught me have enabled me to release subconscious beliefs and guilt. When I feel agitated about a situation that has come up, I now define the problem, do the "Nadler techniques" and amazingly, I feel relaxed and at peace with myself. What a wonderful gift you have given me.
I.G. interior designer, NY

I had studied the exciting new energy psychology theories for quite some time but found myself completely stopped in my personal and professional life. Although I knew this stuff worked, I could not move forward with it. I knew I needed to work with someone who understood energy and the laws that govern it. I contacted you, because your literature appealed to me. I made the right choice. Your practical and energetic coaching skills helped me move quickly from where I was to where I wanted to be. And I'm still moving.
L.Y. holistic health practitioner, IL

What a difference you have made in my life! I have made more progress in creating my life the way I want it than any other method or teaching I have studied. That is no small feat, considering that I have studied with the best.
R.S. medical doctor, CT

Beverly's techniques have helped me remove conscious and unconscious negative beliefs and programming about myself. I feel much lighter and have more appreciation and love for myself. My mind is much clearer and it is much easier to live in the present moment and enjoy life. She has the knowledge and experience to help you find exactly what you need to work on. These tools will accompany me for the rest of my life. Beverly, I would like to thank you again for helping me seeing a better picture about myself and for being able to appreciate life to its fullest.
R. B. naturopath, mind/body transformation, Canada

I could never really repay you for the time, effort and most of all the real healing that took place within my self. Actually it's like teachingthe hungry man how to fish instead of giving him the fish to eat. You helped me know how to heal myself; there is no payment to equal that.
J.K. architect and designer, NY

Through Beverly I learned of incredible mind/body/spirit healing, alignment and releasing technique on a deep cellular level. With her enlightened coaching, she helped me to know what wording to use when I am "releasing", which ones would work with my subconscious programming. She knows which wording does not work for me, as well as what phrases do work.
L.P. telecommunications, ME

Your unique approach to working with clients teaching about the mind/body connection and then explaining how subconscious programming causes us to stay stuck in old habits of speech, thought and action is as important to our success in making important changes and reaching our goals, as are the exceptional and extremely effective techniques you teach. What more can I say than "They work! Thank you for helping me enjoy my life again!"
N.B. sales executive, NY

Beverly, thanks for all the wonderful work you have done. Here is a testimonial that you are free to use in any capacity -- and that goes for anything I write that can help you help others. You have a great gift and I am looking forward to our continued work in the future. Click here to read the complete testimonial.
Marvin Scott, Opera Singer, Long Island, NY

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