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List of Nutrition Articles

My Background in Nutrition

By Beverly Nadler, CHT, CMT   © 2007

Nutrition has been a part of my life since I can remember. My mother was a nutritionist when they were considered “faddists.” I remember reading some of the glowing letters people sent her as their health dramatically improved. She had no formal training; she just read, read and read and used herself and her three children as “research” subjects. (My father would have none of this – though he did take the vitamins she put out for him each morning.)

I began to seriously study nutrition after I married a chiropractor. I read a great deal on my own, and attended many nutritional seminars developed for doctors and health professionals who recognized the importance of nutrition. In the late 1970s, I was trained and certified as a “Metabolic Technician” (described in Is Metabolic Typing a “Missing Link” in Nutrition?) and I practiced as a Nutrition Consultant and Life-Style Counselor in several chiropractors’ and holistic MDs’ offices for years. I also owned and operated my own Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Center in NYC in the late 1980s.

In working with clients and making nutritional recommendations, I used my knowledge, training, personal and professional experience and “Applied Kinesiology” (AK) -- a scientifically validated method of using muscle testing to get answers from your body. Sometimes I also used hair analysis and evaluated blood tests that the doctors ordered. As a Metabolic Technician I often worked with extremely sick and dying patients, using a computerized testing system.

Two fascinating case histories are briefly described in Part 2 of Is Metabolic Typing a “Missing Link” in Nutrition?. I also tell my own healing experience in that article, as I do below -- but both accounts of my healing contain some different details.

Healing From Cancer

My most important experience using nutrition was my own. I healed from cancer in 1994, using nutrition and other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual techniques. The tumor in my colon was very large and required surgery to remove it. After my operation, the oncologist stared at me in amazement as he told me that the tumor was totally dead, and he had never seen anything quite like this before. (He then proceeded to advise me to have chemotherapy and radiation – but that’s another story. No, I didn’t have chemotherapy and radiation.)

After my recovery, I wanted to share what I knew about health and healing and wrote “Dynamic Self-Healing,” a Home Study Course in two manuals. I wrote it to give people enough information so they wouldn’t live in fear of “disease” as something that attacks them and renders them helpless. The Manuals tell you what I did to heal, and explain the different aspects of health and healing -- nutritionally, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They’re written in a clear, simple, easy-to-follow format, and are a Guide for preventing illness, maintaining health, and re-gaining health if you get sick – even if your condition is critical and life-threatening, as mine was.

Here’s what I did nutritionally. I knew that I’m a “sympathetic dominant” metabolic type (explained in Is Metabolic Typing a “Missing Link” in Nutrition?), so my diet consisted mainly of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. I juiced daily. I used digestive and pancreatic enzymes. The only meat I ate was a little organic chicken and fish. I reduced refined sweets to a minimum. I didn’t drink coffee (never liked it, anyhow). I took food supplements, including enzymes and antioxidants and I drank green tea. I also did certain detoxification procedures that I had learned as a Metabolic Technician.

If I were healing from cancer today, I would be taking some different food supplements, especially Immunocal® (which I and my family all take), because of its effect on glutathione production in the body. (Read Glutathione/GSH and “The Reverse Modulation Effect” In Cancer and Is Glutathione/GSH The Nutritional “Miracle Solution” of The 21st Century?). I would do less extreme detoxification procedures, because Immunocal® helps your body detoxify. I would be taking a more effective digestive enzyme supplement (read What You Should Know about Digestive Enzymes) plus "Essentials for Life" a one-of-a-kind formula that makes sure the nutrients reach the cells of your body. (To find out how I discovered that most nutrients in supplements don’t reach the cells of your body, read Is Your Body Getting Cellular Nutrition?)

The Foundation of My Nutritional Program

The "basic" supplements that I take every day and would never be without, are Essentials for Life by Infinity2 (a division of Ecoquest, Int’l) and Immunocal® by Immunotec Research. These supplements are unique because there are no other products "just like" or "the same as" these. No other formulas "do the same thing."

These exceptional products are the foundation of my own and my family’s nutritional supplements. I do not claim that these two companies are only companies whose products "work" -- that would be very presumptuous of me. What I DO claim is that I KNOW their products work at the cellular level...and I believe they can benefit anyone.

There’s a lot of information on this site, including nutritional material you probably won’t find elsewhere. To ask me questions that arise from reading the articles listed below, and to order recommended supplements at wholesale prices, Contact me at 203-373-1943 or click here

Please contact me at 203-373-1943 or click here

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