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What You Should Know About Digestive Enzymes

By Beverly Nadler, CHT, CMT   © 1997

What are enzymes?

These are proteinlike substances, formed in animal and plant cells, that act as catalysts to initiate or speed up specific chemical reactions within the cells.  We have trillions of enzymes, and as they complete their function they die.  Enzymes are in every cell of our body, performing vital functions every milli-second.

Where do they come from?

All living cells contain enzymes - they are the "spark of life" in the cells. We are born with a "bank of enzymes".  Although, to some degree, we can replenish enzymes by manufacturing metabolic enzymes in the liver and digestive enzymes in the pancreas (primarily for protein digestion), the number of enzymes each cell can produce is limited. Most of the enzymes needed for digestion should come from  food.

What do enzymes do and why are they so important?

These tiny substances are vital to all cellular activity in our bodies. Your heart, lungs, liver, eyes, skin, glands - every organ, tissue and cell in your body are dependent upon enzymes for every process and function. Enzymes help prevent degenerative disease, keep us youthful, increase our energy.  Digestive enzymes break down food and insure complete digestion and assimilation of nutrients. When our enzyme bank is depleted, we die, so we want to be sure they are not wasted.

How can enzymes be wasted?

When we eat foods that don't contain digestive enzymes, our body must use its limited supply of metabolic enzymes to digest our food, for digestion is the body's main priority

Digestive enzymes are supposed to come from food. Our bodies cannot make up for the amount of enzymes needed to digest the average meal.

Why don't most of our foods contain enzymes?

Cooked, processed and chemical laden foods do not contain enzymes. Even people who eat healthfully include cooked foods in their diet, for some foods must be cooked.  Also, "live" foods (raw fruits, vegetables, etc.) that are not organically grown don't contain enough enzymes.

Not only do many of our foods not contain the necessary digestive enzymes, they  --especially all "junk foods" --  use up an excessive amount of your metabolic enzymes as your body attempts to digest these "foodless foods".

What happens when we don't have enough enzymes for digestion?

We experience digestive problems of all kinds, usually with gas, pain and discomfort. Essential nutrients are not assimilated and lack of nutrients leads to disease. In addition, incomplete digestion causes toxicity from undigested food particles and toxicity also leads to disease. Perhaps the most serious result of lack of enzymes and incomplete digestion is a weakened immune system.

Many people, who would benefit from taking digestive enzymes, are taking over-the-counter medicine for digestive disturbances and what is commonly called "heartburn". These are harmful, and in fact, until recently, some of the more powerful ones could only be obtained by prescription. These medicines block the production of hydrochloric acid, which is essential for the digestion of minerals and protein.  (In addition, hydrochloric acid is our first line of defense against harmful bacteria…but that's a different article.)

Why does incomplete digestive weaken the immune system?

The white blood cells of your immune system assume that any unknown particles are "foreign invaders" and must be destroyed.  They treat undigested food exactly the same as they treat bacteria and other microbes and toxic materials. Your white blood cells were not designed to constantly be in an attack mode, but because most people eat 4 - 6 times a day and most of the food is cooked, processed and/or chemicalized, there are many undigested particles in the blood stream. Therefore, the white blood cells are constantly "fighting" and under stress, thus weakening the immune system.

What happens when the immune system is weakened?

The body becomes more susceptible to both chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, and to acute, infectious diseases caused by bacteria and other microbes.  In other words, when you really need your immune system to function at its best, it is too weak to do its job.

How can I be sure I have enough enzymes for the digestive process?

Take a digestive enzyme supplement that you know works with each meal.  That means it should contain all the enzymes required for all stages of protein, carbohydrate and fat digestion, plus all necessary
co-factors. Most products do not do the job. Through personal experience, working with clients and Applied Kinesiology (AK) testing -- a scientifically proven muscle testing procedure for using your body's responses to determine many things, including the value of foods and nutritional products -- there is ONE digestive enzyme supplement that I enthusiastically recommend - Digest-A-Meal by Infinity2 Nutritionals.

This exceptional formula contains all the necessary enzymes and
co-factors for digestion of all classifications of foods. It also has a patented delivery system called CAeDS that guarantees the enzymes will reach the cellular level and go to work immediately to digest your food and utilize the nutrients. Click here to read about Digest-A-Meal at company website.

A companion Infinity2 supplement is Lipo-chromizyme, a special fat and sugar digestant and metabolizer that was formulated because we need extra "help" to digest and metabolize fat and refined sugar, since so much of it is hidden in our foods. Click here to read about Lipo-chromizyme at company website.

Still not sure enzymes are important?

Click here to read a brilliant, clever, high powered marketing message about ENZYMES from a doctor. Just be sure to return to THIS site www.beverlynadler.com after you read the promotion.

Personally, promotional material of this kind irritates me. However, the message is CORRECT - enzymes are lacking in most people�s diets, and the enzymes most people get are useless. They do not have a DELIVERY SYSTEM to get them into your digestive track where they need to be.

By the way, I read over 3/4 of this marketing masterpiece and it still didn't say what they what they are talking about. When you read the promotion, you become CONVINCED that you need the supplement -- you just don't know what it is! You have to buy the BOOK to find out.

Beware - I took digestive enzymes for YEARS and did not discover that most of them are INEFFECTIVE until after I healed myself from cancer (I used a lot of LIVE foods and juices, so I was getting enzymes). The likelihood of you getting the BEST enzymes is almost zero, UNLESS you are using Infinity2's Digest-a-Meal or their Essentials for Life, the unique nutritional formula that contains six formulas, one of which is digest-a-meal, enzymes that actually work!

Read Beverly's article about Essentials for Life.

Click here to read about Essentials for Life at company website.

There's a lot of nutritional information on this site, including material you probably won't find elsewhere. To ask questions that arise after reading my articles, and to order recommended supplements at wholesale prices, Contact me at 203-373-1943 or click here

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