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How To Muscle Test Yourself

By Beverly Nadler, CH, CMT, © 2010

Muscle testing is the commonly used term for an exceptionally beneficial diagnostic technique, called Applied Kinesiology (AK). Using this technique you can get answers to many questions, especially health-related. There are several methods that the layman can use, and they all work; some work better for some people than others.

My favorite method: This is the one I use. Make a circle with the thumb and first finger of one hand. (I use the right hand, but it doesn't matter - whichever is easier for you; also some people use thumb and second finger)

Take the first finger of your other hand to "break through" the circle.

I program myself so that the fingers stay strong for "yes", and get weak for "no." (By "program" I mean I give myself the instruction.)

I sometimes program my fingers for "stay open" and "stay closed." Normally they would open (get weak) for "no," and stay closed (be strong) for "yes." However, if I am checking something, such as a long list, and expect to get a lot of "no" responses, I program my fingers to stay closed for a "no" answer, and open for a "yes" answer. This way my fingers don't continually open as I go down the list.

It’s important to "believe" AK works. Tell yourself it does, because your mind can invalidate this valuable technique and diagnostic tool, if you don't believe it works, visit George Goodheart and Applied Kinesiology, the site of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK. (Dr. George Goodheart, who introduced AK to chiropractors and other health practitioners, passed away in 2008 at the age of 89, and is sorely missed.)

Though it may appear that you have to "log in" in order to read the webpages, you don't. However, some of the information is very technical, as it is written primarily for health professionals. Below I have copied some information from the site.

"Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing with other standard methods of diagnosis. Applied kinesiology is based upon the fact that body language never lies. The opportunity of understanding body language is enhanced by the ability to use muscles as indicators of body language. The original method for testing muscles and determining function, by the methods first advocated by Kendall and Kendall, is a prime diagnostic device. Once muscle weakness has been ascertained, a variety of therapeutic actions is available too numerous to enumerate here.

The opportunity to use the body as an instrument of laboratory analysis is unparalleled in modern therapeutics because the response of the body is unerring. If one approaches the problem correctly, makes the proper and accurate diagnosis and treatment, the response is adequate and satisfactory to both the doctor and patient."

I personally use muscle testing for many things -- most, but not all of which, are health related subjects and questions. I only use supplements that I check and find are excellent. Then I check to see if they are excellent for me, or the person I am checking for. Many things that are touted as "wonderful" aren't. (On testing their vibrational frequency is low.) I also check food I am not sure of. Any food or drink that has a vibrational frequency below 200 is not fit for human consumption.

You need to train yourself not to be emotionally involved. If you are, OR if the question you ask is not clear, you can get confusing answers. The more you work with the process, however, the easier it gets.

Tell yourself that you are going to use muscle testing, and tell yourself "how" are programming your fingers. (I described that above.) Then just DO I! Keep practicing. You can test your accuracy by asking yourself yes and no questions about things you know the answer to - your name, someone else's name, your age, etc.

Another method is the "sway method." Stand with feet firmly planted on the ground, and ask yes and no questions. You will notice that you begin to sway as you receive an answer. Usually if the answer is yes your body sways forward and if the answer is no it sways backwards.

There are other methods but, in my opinion, these are the simplest ones.

There are three important words for getting the best results:
Practice, Practice, Practice!


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