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Life Is a Celebration

by Beverly Nadler

Life can be so wonderful, a real celebration
And if you're ever feeling low, you just need some inspiration
So look inside your heart, my friend – and you will surely see
The Power and the Glory in you, for you were created FREE.

Free to choose your path of life
Free to seek your goals -
Free to fulfill the burning desire
That stirs within your soul.

It doesn't matter your age or your race -
Anyone can do it.
You can meet all the challenges of life
When you're ready to "go to it".

Is it money you need?
Well, plant the seed.
It all begins in your mind.
If you're feeling fear,
Just listen and hear -
The treasure's yours to find.

Believe in yourself -
Don't sit on the shelf.
You make your own destiny.
Your future is bright -
You walk in the light -
Your faith helps keep you free.

Things happen when you know what's true
That you have what you need to make it!
And until you do, here's a special clue
Act as if - Yes, I mean FAKE it!

Success is a journey, not a destination
Think, plan, take action - use your self-motivation.
See your goals achieved in your mind's eye
Feel the success inside you. It's simple ---just try.

Persevere to reach the dreams in your heart
And the world applauds you as you start.
Don't you see there's no reason for hesitation -
Life is wonderful - it's a CELEBRATION!

Copyright Beverly Nadler 1995 

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