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Do You Love to Travel?
Want to Save A LOT of Money?
Become a Travel Agent!

Introducing K&E Travel!

How would you like to be a full-fledged TRAVEL AGENT - for the ridiculous price of ONLY $99?

Well you can! I and my family have been enjoying the wonderful money-saving, life-enhancing benefits of being a Travel Agent with K&E Travel for over 5 years!

Check out the beautiful, user friendly website

See for yourself that you have ALL the benefits of Travel Agent programs that cost many hundreds of dollars. In fact, unless you enter my promotional code (see how to enroll instructions, below), you will pay the regular price of $399. Still a bargain, when you consider that you make a commission on all your travel bookings(other than airline tickets) and the travel bookings of others. K&E is a full Service Travel Agency in business over 25 years and rated A+ by the BBB. . (No, this is NOT an MLM program.)

Secondary agent (family member or business partner) pays only $49. Yearly renewal is only $69.

Not convinced? Let me tell you of the AMAZING savings Iíve enjoyed on my own travel.

My most memorable experience was when we went to Toronto soon after I enrolled, and stayed at a 4 Star Waterfront Hotel. The regular price was $299 a night, and we paid $69! While that is the best savings Iíve enjoyed as a K&E Travel Agent, I almost always save 30% or more on rooms - even when I attend seminars where the seminar company arranges special reduced prices for attendees.

If you do ANY traveling at all - THIS IS A "NO BRAINER".

Hereís how to enroll:

1- go to
2- click "Join," on right side of top menu
3- next page: Do you have promotional code? Click Yes
4 - Enter code bev99

This code is ESSENTIAL to insure that you are only charged $99 - NOT $399.

Make sure you fill out the entire Application and then "click" Submit without interruptions or the system can charge you the full retail price of $399.00. NOTE: If you do have to stop, close the browser window down and start all over again.

5 -After clicking on submit, print the Application as instructed and mail the 3 page Application to K&E Travel along with (2) passport size photos.

THAT'S IT!! You will get an Agent ID # with K&E Travel that gives you access to their Agent's only section so you can learn how to book travel and start earning those commissions. If you are booking travel now and not earning a check, you need to be a Travel Agent !!

NOTE: K&E Travel is not an MLM/Network Marketing company. Some MLM Travel companies charge as much as $495 for the exact same benefits. The reason? You can earn income through the marketing plan. The problem with this? Most people never earn any income, as they either donít sponsor anyone, or the people they sponsor rarely sponsor others.

To contact Beverly, call 203-373-1943 or click here

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