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"Joyce Barrie & Friends" Blog Talk Radio Show

 by Beverly Nadler ©2011

Listen to me!
I have something to say
About a wonderful way
To start your day.

A way to stimulate your mind
And increase your energy,
Make you feel so good
And guess what -- it's free!

Weekdays at 11AM Eastern
Hear the "Joyce Barrie & Friends" show.
You'll find it on the internet
On blog talk radio.

This show is upbeat and fun,
And very inspirational --
It's informative, educational
And very motivational.

There's the "Coach's Corner",
Great quotes and news --
There are suggestions, perspectives,
And advice you can use

To enhance your life
And improve your health,
Plus clever, simple ways
To increase your wealth.

Joyce's perceptions and personality
Will keep you captivated
And her guests, from many walks of life
Will always keep you fascinated.

When Joyce and her friends speak
It's like you're in the conversation --
This is part of what makes her show
So unique, really a sensation.

For Joyce's friends are not only
The guests you're listening to,
They're everyone who is tuning in -
Yes, I do mean YOU!

So refer your friends and family,
They'll be so pleased to know,
And let's make "Joyce Barrie & Friends"
The #1 internet radio show!

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