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by Beverly Nadler

I look in the mirror and ask myself
What do I want to be?
What do I want to have and do?
The choice is up to me.

Created in the image of God
The bible says we are.
And with God all things are possible -
So reach for the highest star! 

First we have to set our goals,
Then create our plan -
And when doubts and fears get in the way,
Keep on saying "I can!"

Face each day with confidence -
Stand tall, with your head held high!
Believe in yourself and you'll make it.
You can, if only you'll try.

Dare to hold fast to your dream
While you do what you must do.
Always keep your eye on your vision -
The wisdom inside will guide you.

Take action - get out of the shadows
And step out into the sun!
For the only race you can win in life
Is the race that you have run.

We measure success by money and wealth -
But so such better by far
Is the success of feeling the Power inside
When you know who you really are.

Each one of us is a special person.
We're all one of a kind,
With untapped potential that awakens
When you learn how to use your mind.

Now when I look in the mirror
I finally love what I see.
I can do anything I really want to -
Thank God - I'm ME!

Copyright Beverly Nadler  1992

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