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Joyce Henderson is a gifted Life Coach whose testimonial touched my heart.

How wonderful is Beverly Nadler? Let me count the ways. She’s unbelievably intuitive and perceptive. She understood things about me that I never completely understood, in spite of the years of seminars and workshops and therapy and self-help books and programs and my own immensely powerful brain. She’s wonderfully practical - her assignments are clear, doable, and helpful. She’s persistent and creative - if I’m not getting something, she comes up with another perspective or a different exercise or a new metaphor until something clicks. She’s compassionate and trustworthy - it’s completely safe to tell her even the things I’m afraid to admit to myself. I enjoyed her delightful sense of humor and spontaneity.

I came to Beverly because I was having challenges with physical and emotional pain, fatigue, negative thoughts and beliefs, and communication challenges with my husband. I still had trouble turning off the negative thoughts. I wanted to become more active, to get more done in my business, to be more organized, to learn self-care because I wanted to feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I wanted to enjoy communicating with my husband. Beverly and I worked on my issues using her exercises and techniques. I certainly was stepping out of my box and I was a little doubtful that it would work but as I remained open and willing to do the work I began to see a change in how I was feeling - emotionally and physically.

Beverly made our time together safe, easy, and fun. She taught me extremely effective and easy-to-do exercises and techniques for letting go of negative beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Beverly taught me step-by-step strategies so I could reprogram myself on the phone during our session and I can do it anytime I need to on my own. The reprogramming releases my negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviors and then I attract/receive positive, empowering ones so that I can become, do, & have what ever I want in life.

I would recommend reading Beverly’s book "Vibrational Harmony". She writes in a very simple and concise way and it helped me to better understand vibrational harmony. The book gives you an even better understanding of what Beverly is teaching and then you have it to look at when needed.

If you are reading my testimonial then you’ve made it to Beverly’s website. Maybe it’s your turn to experience Beverly’s gifts and learn to release and reprogram your negative beliefs and thoughts to positive beliefs and thoughts. Beverly’s knowledge and gift of understanding Vibrational Harmony can change your life. All you have to do is be willing, be open, and do the work with her. Beverly will make it fun and relaxing. Do you feel you are worth investing in yourself?? Believe me what you will pay for Beverly’s coaching will seem so small compared to what you will receive from her program. Whether you want a little fine tuning or the complete Brain Makeover, it’s the best thing ever.

Making an appointment with Beverly would be one of the best decisions of your life. I encourage you to call Beverly today and let her teach you how to release your negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors - replacing them with empowering ones. This will transform how you look at your self, at the ones you love, and at the world.

I am so excited and honored that I could share my respect, admiration, and my belief in Beverly and her work. She is passionate and devoted to helping others have healthy, fulfilled, and happy lives. If you are considering this journey with Beverly and would like encouragement from someone who has been there I would love to speak to you.


Joyce Henderson
Certified Fearless Living Coach
Certified Life Purpose and Career Coach
Poway, CA

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