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Glutathione/GSH and “The Reverse Modulation Effect” In Cancer

By Beverly Nadler, CHT, CMT   © 2007

Glutathione/GSH is a vital cellular component with dozens of essential functions in the body. (See article: Is Glutathione/GSH the Nutritional “Miracle Solution” of the 21ST Century?)

One of glutathione’s primary functions is to protect and strengthen the cells of your body. It does this very efficiently and effectively – protecting and strengthening ALL your cells, including cancer cells. Actually, it does more than protect and strengthen cancer cells – it makes them the strongest cells in your entire body.

This is why cancer is so resistant to treatment – whether chemotherapy, radiation or nutritional. The more we try to destroy cancer with more and more powerful drugs, the more the cancer cells resist and the more glutathione they produce. Yes, cancer cells produce more and more glutathione, while healthy cells that only produce a “normal” amount of glutathione become weaker and weaker – especially if you are undergoing conventional cancer treatments that destroy healthy cells as well as cancer cells.

While healthy cells have a built-in mechanism to stop glutathione production when they have “enough,” cancer cells run wild, and lose their ability to recognize when it is time to stop producing glutathione. That’s why cancer is such a difficult disease to recover from.

A True “Fable”

Now, I am going to pretend that cancer cells have a “mind” (actually they do; every cell in your body does) and a voice. Let’s say that production of glutathione in the cancer cells has gone totally out of control, overwhelming the cancer cells. At some point, the cancer cells “say”: “Oh, oh, it’s time to dump the glutathione, we have much too much.” And that’s exactly what they do -- they “dump” their glutathione!

This is Known as “The Reverse Modulation Effect”

When that happens, the cancer cells lose their glutathione and now they are weak and can effectively be treated with conventional cancer treatment or alternative methods or a combination. While the success rate of healing from cancer and not having it return is not good, some people DO heal, myself included. Perhaps our bodies experience some kind of “Reverse Modulation Effect” -- I don’t know.

What I DO know is that it is possible to purposefully create The Reverse Modulation Effect in cancer cells by taking enough of the ONE supplement that has 10 national and international patents – including patents for the prevention and treatment of cancer -- and is clinically proven to raise your body’s level of glutathione.

Can Taking Antioxidants Be Detrimental If You Have Cancer?

About 25 years ago, one of my dearest friends developed cancer and went to a holistic oncologist (cancer doctor) who took her off antioxidants A, C, and E. I thought he was crazy! I asked her “why,” and she he told me her doctor said that while taking antioxidants is beneficial for preventing cancer, if you already have cancer they often make the condition worse. This didn’t make sense to me until recently, when I learned what I just explained. It may be that since these antioxidants don’t cause “The Reverse Modulation Effect,” they strengthen, instead of weaken, the cancer cells, so they continue to spread and overwhelm the body.

What’s the answer? Raise your glutathione/GSH levels to prevent cancer in the first place, and if cancer does develop, create “The Reverse Modulation Effect.” (To learn more about glutathione/GSH and the one of a kind supplement proven to raise glutathione/GSH levels, read Is Glutathione/GSH the Nutritional “Miracle Solution” of the 21st Century?

To learn about the one of a kind, proven natural supplement that raises glutathione levels in your body, and how to order it at a discount, call me: 203-373-1943.

Do You Want More Information?

I’ve written almost 100 documents on this subject -- that’s how important I consider it. Call me: 203-373-1943


To contact Beverly, call 203-373-1943 or click here

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