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In Gratitude...

by Beverly Nadler

Thank you, God, for blessing me
With an open heart and eyes that see.
Thank you, God, for letting me
Look inside Your mystery. 

Thank you, God, for filling me
With radiant health and vitality.
Thank you, God, for freeing me
To become all that I can be.

I am in awe of the beauty around me,
The glory and magnificence that surrounds me.
I know that I am part of it all --
The earth so deep, the trees so tall,

The glistening snow, the summer shower
The shimmering star, the exquisite flower.
I look in the eyes of each person I see
And know I am them and they are me.

Thank you, God, for blessing me
With Your limitless power and prosperity.
Thank you, God, for my searching mind
And the path I took that led me to find

The magic and the wonder in life.
Yes, I'm ready to end my struggle and strife.
I'm captivated, God, in Your joyous spell
For I finally know, all truly is well.

copyright Beverly Nadler 1998               

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