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Is There a Fountain of Youth?

By Beverly Nadler

Ah! The elusive "fountain of youth" – something man and woman has been searching for since the dawn of civilization. Does it exist?  Is there a way to insure good health and the vitality and zest of youth regardless of one's calendar years?

If you are looking for a magic elixir, the answer is probably "no". But if you are willing to take responsibility for your life and be involved in your own healing and well-being, you can certainly turn back the hands of time – at least in the way you look and feel.

There are some well-known life-style changes that add life to your years and take years off your looks. These are included in this article, and I'll introduce you to less familiar concepts that have a great impact on health and youthfulness.

The Importance of Nutrition

First, and most widely accepted, is the role of nutrition. This is a vast subject, with much disagreement, even among respected experts. Since we are as different from each other as our thumb prints, not all foods, even healthy foods, are good for everyone. While vegetarianism is very popular among health devotees – and excellent for many people -- others need some meat. Also, while many people should avoid milk, some handle dairy well, especially in the form of yogurt.

Here are some basic nutritional recommendations that are likely to work for anyone: Eat foods that are as natural as possible, free from pesticides, chemicals, additives, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners and coloring. Refined starches, such as white flour foods, should be restricted because they turn to sugar in the body. When choosing foods, if you can't pronounce the ingredients, you probably shouldn't eat it!  And one of the worst things that has ever happened to food is the addition of aspartame (also known as equal).  I don't care what any so-called authority says, this is poison.  Find out for yourself by searching on the internet for "aspartame".  You'll be amazed that it is even allowed in our food.

Adding nutritional supplements to your diet, even if you feel you eat well, is vital for most people, because so much of our food is depleted of nutrients. The kind of supplements you want to use are made from whole foods, not synthetic or fractionated vitamins. Unless you are using vitamins therapeutically (in place of medicine), you want supplements that the body processes as "food", and synthetic and fractionated vitamins are handled more like drugs in the body.

Avoiding Pollutants

Besides eating nutritious foods,  avoid pollutants as much as possible.  These are not just in our food; they come from many sources, including water. Our bodies are made up of about 85% water, and most people do not drink nearly enough. However, I hesitate to tell anyone to increase their intake unless the water is pure – free of chlorine, fluorides, micro-organisms and chemical waste. Bottled water is not regulated, so if possible, have your own purifier, preferably reverse osmosis.

Of course, we know that smoking is a pollutant, but this isn't an article about giving up smoking.  If you're a non-smoker, you are likely to be more irritated by smoke, so stay away when possible.

Other pollutants to avoid are noise pollution from discordant and loud sounds, and electro-magnetic low-frequency (called "elf") pollution from power lines, cellular phones, microwaves, computers, TV, etc. Of course, while you usually have choice over the sounds you listen to (except when a jackhammer is blasting outside your home), you can't avoid elf pollution.

We live in a high tech society, and much of our life-style is based on wonderful electronic equipment and advances which, unfortunately, also produce a low frequency radiation. Few people are going to give up TV or computers. Fortunately, there are effective devices available to prevent the negative effects of elf.

Mental Stress

There is still another form of pollution to avoid, more damaging than everything else put together – and that is the pollution that contaminates your body from the stress produced by negative thoughts and emotions. Staying youthful and enjoying radiant health requires that you reduce your level of stress by "re-programming" your mind to respond to life in a positive way.

Research studies link stress to every disease known to man, and probably to every new disease that science will discover.  Yet, stress is unavoidable. Every time you are required to adapt to anything -- different foods, temperature change, riding in an airplane, exercise, new schedules, marriage or divorce, pregnancy and birth, career change or loss of a job, moving your residence, etc., -- you experience stress.  That's part of being human, part of life.

It is not what happens to you, it is your response to what happens to you that determines the effect it has upon your body.  Your mind is so closely linked to your body that Candice Pert, Phd., author of "Molecules of Emotion" says we have a bodymind. Deepok Chopra, MD., was one of the first medical doctors to confirm that our bodies have "cellular memory"... that our thoughts and feelings are not only in our mind, but are impressed on our brain, in our nervous system and embedded in our body's cells.

The Power of Your Mind

How we think and how we feel continuously impacts upon our body. We can, and often do, make ourselves sick with our mind and, fortunately, we can also heal ourselves with our mind

Life will always have its ups and downs and pleasures and pain, so it's is up to you to learn how to release the inevitable negative thoughts and feelings that most of us are plagued with.  This does not mean telling yourself everything is wonderful when it isn't, or burying negative feelings. It means re-training (re-programming) your mind so that you don't suffer every time you don't like something.

If you tend to be critical, anxious, judgmental, impatient or easily frustrated, learn to be more accepting and forgiving. There are natural laws by which our universe is governed, and one of them is the Law of Attraction (a "real" law, like the law of gravity). When you focus more on what you like and what is going well in your life, instead of what you don't like, your life changes because you "attract" more of what you want to yourself.

Be "Good" To Yourself

Many people are not kind to themselves.  It's important to give yourself permission to do the things you love or that help you relax.  Perhaps you want to read more, or meditate or listen to music.  Maybe you want to take a tai chi or exercise class or pursue a hobby, but feel you can't because of your many responsibilities. If you don't listen to your heart and make time for you, your work and a frenzied life-style can make you sick.

You are being good to yourself when you seek out alternative health practitioners.  Many illnesses can be quickly healed with natural care, such as provided by chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturapaths and various types of energy healers.  And you don't have to wait until you're sick to use these services. Regular care under the guidance of skilled natural health care professionals can prevent disease and maintain you in good health. The reason?  These modalities release life force (also known as Prana, Chi). They remove energy blocks and connect you with your Source of healing.

Another wonderful way to be good to yourself is to take a spa vacation. Go to a beautiful place that is dedicated to pampering you and helping you discover a more serene, harmonious world. This kind of vacation is as valuable for men as it is for women -- perhaps more so, because men are not encouraged to take care of their inner needs. Spa vacations come in so many delightful packages that there is something suitable for everyone, regardless of your gender, activity preferences and pocketbook.

The Breath of Life

When pressures, deadlines, time-schedules or paper work get out of control and overwhelm you… STOP and take a few balancing breaths.  Breathe in deeply through your nose, hold the air for a few seconds and let your breath out through your mouth. Position your mouth as if you are blowing out a candle while keeping your tongue behind your upper teeth

There are many different "counts" that you can use – such as the balanced breath, above, where you breathe in and out to the same count (usually 4 or 8 counts, but it really doesn't matter). You can also use the 4-7-8 count. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 7 counts and breathe out for 8. The reason for the tongue position is that your breath carries much life force and this position creates a circle that helps increase its flow throughout your body. This relaxing, yet powerful, breath immediately calms your body and mind and brings you to an enhanced state of health-restoring balance.

Exercise, of course enhances health.  Do something or enjoy; otherwise you just won't do it.  Jumping on trampoline is fun and also increases life force.  For busy people who don't enjoy exercise, there is an aerobic energy exerciser called the Chi Machine. Both the trampoline and Chi Machine help cleanse your body of toxins by exercising your lymph glands.  In addition the amazing Chi machine  exercises your muscles and internal organs, normalizes your metabolism (yes, some people lose weight using it), and greatly increases the flow of  chi in your body (that's why it's called the Chi machine!). All this happens as you lie passively and the machine vibrates you.

The Power of Joy

One of the most rewarding ways of maintaining health and youth is feeling joy. Joyful people have stronger immune systems, look younger than their years and live longer and healthier lives.  A delightful way to increase joy is to practice gratitude.  Sometimes you can easily think of many things to be grateful for, and other times you will have to look through life's challenges to find the blessings. It is worth the effort to seek reasons to be grateful, because when you do, by law (Law of Attraction), you are in vibrational harmony with the good things in life that you appreciate.  And who among us does not appreciate youth, vitality, health and aliveness?

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