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If you are still searching for answers…it may be time for…

Dynamic Self-Healing
A New Model for Health and Healing - Manuals, in 2 volumes!

by Beverly Nadler

Are you ready to align yourself with natural laws - physical, mental and spiritual - that govern your life?  Are you ready to tune into the Power that can bring you health, success and happiness? Are you ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

Dynamic Self-Healing is a Course in two Manuals -- the culmination of over 25 years of research and teaching.  It is an extra-ordinary correlation and synthesis of philosophy, science, psychology, Universal law, metaphysics, personal growth, human potential and natural, holistic healing.

Now, you can have the knowledge, tools and methods that can help you achieve your most cherished desires…no matter what they may be.  Dynamic Self-Healing integrates ancient wisdom with cutting edge science…past traditions with modern healing methods. This is the work that puts it all together for you and inspires you to do what it takes to heal your life physically, mentally, spiritually…and even financially!

Click Here to Read Table of Contents of Both Volumes

Click Here for Quick Ways to Reduce Stress -- from Volume One

Excerpts from a Review of DYNAMIC SELF HEALING

By Joseph Polansky, teacher, consultant, astrologer and editor/publisher of DIAMOND FIRE

I'm very familiar with the Blessed Author's spiritual pedigree and background and I must say this is her best work to date.  Every page is alight with energy and authenticity. These are not really books but home study courses, that synthesize years and years of study, training and personal experience.

This is one of the best metaphysical works out there.  Cheap at the price. Volume one deals with theory and laws of the universe. Volume 2 deals with concrete and specific techniques to bring about healing and harmony on all levels – especially physical and financial. Her focus on theory is well grounded because unless you understand the how and why of things you can't the most out of the techniques.  Most books deal with one or the other, this gives you both.

What is really impressive here is the step by step methodical approach to the subject. Each step is carefully explained and leads logically to the next.  There is no guesswork.  Our Blessed Author was born to write this book and to perform this great public service.

If you enjoy Louise Hay you will enjoy DYNAMIC SELF-HEALING even more, because it is much more comprehensive.

(NOTE: Mr. Polansky said the manuals were "cheap at the price."  In his review, he mistakenly priced them at $135 EACH.) They are $135 (plus shp/hnd) for BOTH manuals.



Introduction to Volume One

  • Chapter 1    Principles of Dynamic Self-Healing
  • Chapter 2    Overview
  • Chapter 3    Universal Law
  • Chapter 4    The Law of Intent
  • Chapter 5    The Law of Attraction
  • Chapter 6    How to Change Your Resonance
  • Chapter 7    The Laws of Polarity and Rhythm
  • Chapter 8    How the Laws Interact
  • Chapter 9    What Causes Disease?
  • Chapter 10 Structural Stress
  • Chapter 11 Environmental Stress
  • Chapter 12 Recognizing Stress
  • Chapter 13 Quick Stress Breaks
  • Chapter 14 The Health Care Crisis
  • Chapter 15 Nutrition and Health
  • Chapter 16 Water…and other Beverages
  • Chapter 17 Nutritional Supplements
  • Chapter 18 Exercise for Health
  • Chapter 19 The Mental Factor – Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions
  • Chapter 20 How Beliefs Affect Our Thoughts and Feelings
  • Chapter 21 What Should We Do With Our Feelings?
  • Chapter 22 Changing Thoughts and Feelings Permanently
  • Chapter 23 Understanding Subconscious Programming
  • Chapter 24 How to Get What You Want
  • Chapter 25 Ending Addictions
  • Chapter 26 Reprogramming Yourself for Health, Money and More
  • Chapter 27 Resistance to Reprogramming
  • Chapter 28 Reprogramming Steps
  • Chapter 29 The Value of Spiritual Practices
  • Chapter 30 Learning More About Universal Law
  • Chapter 31 How I Got Well and Stay Well
  • Special Message to Health Professionals
  • Rssources
  • About the Author

    Introduction to Volume Two

  • Chapter 1  A New Model for Health
  • Chapter 2  Germs, Placebos and Psychosomatic Disease
  • Chapter 3  What Stress Is
  • Chapter 4  Disorder, Time Pressure and Paper Overload
  • Chapter 5  Money Issues
  • Chapter 6  Relationships
  • Chapter 7  What To Do About Stress
  • Chapter 8  The Breath of Life (with Breathing Exercises)
  • Chapter 9    Biochemical Individuality
  • Chapter 10 Weight Control
  • Chapter 11 Overcome Handicaps, Disabilities, Genetic Weaknesses
  • Chapter 12 Setting Goals and Taking Action
  • Chapter 13 Self-Love and Self-Esteem
  • Chapter 14 Mental Imagery/Visualization
  • Chapter 15 Affirmations and Intentions
  • Chapter 16 Subliminal Programming
  • Chapter 17 The Power of Prayer
  • Chapter 18 Meditation
  • Chapter 19 Chanting
  • Chapter 20 Giving Gratitude
  • Chapter 21 "To Do" List (Yours and the Universe's)
  • Chapter 22 Unconditional Love
  • Chapter 23 Letting Your Energy Flow
  • Chapter 24 When Professional Care is Needed
  • Chapter 25 Medicine
  • Chapter 26 Chiropractic
  • Chapter 27 Holistic Dentistry
  • Chapter 28 Kinesiology Testing/Checking
  • Chapter 29 Alternative Therapies
  • Chapter 30 Unique "Energy" Modalities
  • Chapter 31 Healing From Cancer (including Resources)
  • Chapter 32 The Multi-Faceted Approach
  • DYNAMIC SELF-HEALING is a Home Study Course in two Manuals that are loaded with information, yet are simple to follow:
    Special Reduced Price - $125 for both Manuals

    Shipping/handling in the U.S. $15, Canada $20, Mexico $25, All other countries $35

    Manuals are currently being revised. Contact Beverly for further information, or check back on this page.

    Note: This is for credit card purchases only. If you would like to purchase by check, please contact Beverly at 203-373-1943 or info@beverlynadler.com.

    Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery

    Qty:  @ $125

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