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BEVERLY NADLER, CH, CMT - Speaker, Author, Trainer, Re-Programming Coach and Consultant

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SAMPLE SEMINAR - Vibrational Harmony

Are you ready to make powerful changes in your life?


                                                      with Beverly Nadler

This exciting, enlightening program is designed to bring you into "vibrational harmony" with what you desire.  YOU WILL…

  • Learn the Spiritual and Mental Laws That Run the Universe
  • Understand How The Laws of Vibration, Attraction, Polarity and Rhythm Operate In Your Life
  • Identify the Negative Beliefs, Programs and Emotions That STOP You from Getting What You Want
  • Release the Negatives You Identify --So They Have No Power In Your Life
  • Write Your Life Scripts (The Blueprint for Your Life)
  • Create NEW, Positive Programs New Instructions for Your Subconscious Mind (Your Mental Computer) Affirmations Say and Hear the Words Visualization "See" the Pictures
  • Know How to Handle Subconscious Resistance the Negative "little voice" in Your Head
  • Release Negative Thoughts and Emotions As They Come Up and More.

SPECIAL BONUS: You can bring a family member (or close friend or associate) FREE

YES FREE!  I want you to have someone close to you that you can discuss and use the material and techniques with

GIFT: #1- My best-selling audio tape "Success Through Self Confidence"

GIFT: #2 - NEW MANUAL written exclusively for this program!

I've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars and many, many years to gather this information. Now I have put it together in a One-Day Life-Altering Program that you can benefit from IMMEDIATELY.

======================================================================= WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT BEVERLY'S PROGRAMS

Beverly Nadler has a unique gift!  She can explain the Universal Laws of Success with the simplicity that even  a child can understand…and she did just that when she appeared before 800 hundred of our clients and their support personnel in Chicago and New York.

Dr. Larry Markson, CEO, The Masters Circle, Inc., NY and FL.

I can walk away with real  "nuts and bolts stuff" that will allow me to direct and change the mental thought patterns that blocked my DESIRE.  I have greater understanding that my negative feelings are indicators that I desire to change and these thoughts are not 'bad'. Raising your vibrations and knowing you CAN will cause you to attract what you desire into your life. Thank you.

Donald Haggerty, Executive, CT.

Your clarity in presenting the information in your workshop was astonishing in its simplicity. The understanding and awareness of personal patterns in my life -- to see them so quickly -- encouraged some instant 'aha' experiences. Your techniques are easy to use and very profound for their simplicity. Thank you for putting together so much information in one place. The overview allows me to really see and understand the Unity (of science and theology) you talk about.

Rev. Linda A. Bardes, Science of Mind Minister, CT


To find out how you can host Beverly in your area and learn "the secret" of How to Create the Life You Want, or hire her to speak at your company or organization events, contact her at OR 203-373-1943

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