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BEVERLY NADLER, CH, CMT - Speaker, Author, Trainer, Re-Programming Coach and Consultant

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with Beverly Nadler

The purpose of our coaching sessions is to help you get what you want in any area of your life.

In order to get what you want, your conscious and subconscious must be in agreement. If they are not, your life will reflect your subconscious programs and the thoughts, emotions and behaviors they produce, as well as the conditions and circumstances they attract.

We accomplish our purpose through Education and Reprogramming.

Education gives you the necessary knowledge and understanding of how things happen as they do and why certain things come into your life. By understanding the intricate relationship between what you want in your life, the "Energy Model" of the universe (spiritual and mental laws), the programs in your subconscious including the operating system that runs your mental computer -- and what you actually get (experience), you have the information that gives you Power to become a conscious "co-creator" of your own life.

With this understanding, you have reasons to expect to get results from our work together. Belief (expectation) is an essential element for successful change, growth and healing.

Reprogramming has four phases:

  • Identification (awareness) of old emotional blocks and negative beliefs 
  • Releasing
  •   a. old emotional blocks
  •   b. negative beliefs and programs
  •   c. undesired thoughts and emotions as they come up so you   don't continue to reinforce them
  • Installing new programs
  • Integrating and Reinforcing the self-work

During coaching sessions we first identify the beliefs and emotions (programming) to be released. 

As emotional blocks and negative beliefs are released, you'll learn techniques to "reinforce" these changes and to release undesired thoughts and feelings as they come up.

After you are able to work with the technique of identification and some old emotional blocks and beliefs have been released, you will also learn how to also do some of this work yourself.

It is only after some release work is done that that new programs can be successfully installed. To attempt to install them before releasing some old programming is often useless and can create tremendous frustration. Once installed, the new programming must be integrated. Reprogramming the subconscious mind is a continuous process, as releasing undesirable beliefs and emotions that are actually stored in your neurology and the cells of your body is like peeling away the layers of an onion. Due to years of repeating and reinforcing old programming, there are multitudes of layers.

Once you experience the work and understand its basis, on-going telephone coaching is also available.

Please note that these services are not covered by insurance.

For more information and a free 20 minute mini-session, contact Beverly at 203-373-1973 or

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