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Introducing CEO SPACE - An exceptional Resource for Building Your Business

What is CEO SPACE?

This page gives you an overview and leads you to the website.

IBI Global is a unique, innovative, spiritually-centered business organization and membership network. The website is at the bottom of this page, because I want you to read this information first.

CEO Space presents the BEST business training for creative, heart-motivated people who want practical tools and knowledge in order to earn a living that compensates them well for their work.

The training is extraordinary. It's given five times a year, and as a member you can repeat it. You learn all aspects of business, including how to raise capital. Through CEO Space and their network of members and Mentors, you have on-going training, a continuous support system (both on line and off) plus resources you cannot even imagine. And the networking opportunity is priceless.

I met members who had turned moderately successful businesses into multi-million $$ enterprises. I met people who had NO business and are now on their way to financial freedom. I met members who found their business partners and investors through IBI.

CEO Space encourages you to fund your business with OPM (other peopleís money), and you are taught HOW. Money, or lack of money, is NOT a deterrent to building the business of your dreams! You are always encouraged to do what you love. In fact, IBI has a great statement: "If itís not your genius, itís not your job!" Knowing this eliminates the guilt and self-condemnation caused by believing you have to be able to do "everything."

If YOU want to build a business or "grow" your current business (and that includes a service business or practice, or even a creative idea), you owe it to yourself to find out more about CEO Space. It can make an enormous difference in your life!

Here's the website address Look around the site. Be sure to click the link on the top menu About CEO Space to read about this remarkable business organization.

Then, click The Next Step, also on the top menu. Here you can complete a form that goes to Dr. Richard Kaye, the man who introduced me to CEO Space. You can also contact Dr. Kaye directly at 505.776.1530 or However, if you fill out the form first, you give him important information about yourself and your business that helps him better answer your questions.

Please let me know if you submit the form. Thanks!

To contact Beverly, call 203-373-1943 or click here

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