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Is Your Body Getting Cellular Nutrition?

By Beverly Nadler, CHT, CMT   © 2007

There are hundreds (thousands?) of different nutritional companies and an abundance of nutritional supplements on the market -- with so-called "miracle products" being introduced constantly. Prices can range from $2.00 to $50.00 or more for a supplement. And many of them are "supposed" to be THE answer to health, vitality and staying young! But are the nutrients you need reaching the cells of your body? If they're not, they are useless to you!

Your Incredible Body and Its Trillions of Cells

While the human body is complex beyond any scientist's understanding, it operates like an extraordinarily efficient "machine" - a machine that is governed by an Infinite Power that chiropractors call "Innate Intelligence". You've probably heard that your body heals itself. You know it's true because you've seen how cuts and broken bones heal. In order to heal itself, your body's cells must be well nourished.

Your physical body is composed of physical matter -- systems, organs, tissues and anywhere from 10 to 100 trillion cells (scientists can't agree on this number). The Infinite Power directs your body, via your brain and nervous system, to maintain health, prevent disease and heal itself when it is injured or sick. As long as your nervous system is free of interference and your body has the nutrients it needs, the cells of your body are able to carry out billions of essential jobs - keeping your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your digestive system digesting food, your eliminative system getting rid of waste, your glands secreting hormones...and everything else necessary to protect you and heal you from injuries and disease.

However, these nutrients must not only get into your body, they must get into the CELLS of your body. One of the reasons nutritional research results are often so inconsistent and conflictive, is that many of the people in the research studies are not receiving "cellular nutrition" - in other words, the nutrients do not reach the cells of their body.

In his ground-breaking book, "The Biology of Belief", microbiologist Bruce Lipton, PhD, explains how the membrane of each cell in your body determines what is "allowed" to enter the cell. Though the book was written to prove that our beliefs at the subconscious level affect our body (which is why I read it) -- all the early experiments that led to his conclusions were done with cells and nutrients.

How I Discovered That Many Supplements "Don't Work".

I learned that most supplements don't get necessary nutrients into the cells of the body soon after I healed from cancer (read My Background in Nutrition). I was a speaker at a Chiropractic Seminar and I passed a booth where people were having their blood tested with a dark field microscope. This microscope magnifies your blood cells so they are easily visible to the naked eye. Fascinated, I had my blood tested. When I saw my blood under the microscope, I was horrified. I saw undigested food, fat molecules and lots of free radical damage. The person testing me said "don't worry", gave me two digestive enzymes and two antioxidants from a nutrition company, Infinity2, and told me to return in 10 minutes. Much to my amazement, 10 minutes later my blood was "perfect" (meaning it was CLEAN). I spent the rest of the weekend, when I wasn't teaching, observing chiropractors, their families and their staff members being tested -- and getting the same results I had gotten. In the first test, their blood looked unhealthy, in spite of the high quality (often professional brands) of supplements they were taking. In the second test, their blood, like mine, was clean! I repeated the blood tests over the weekend using Infinity2 supplements, and my blood remained "clean". That was in 1995, and my family and I have been taking this company's excellent products ever since.

We used to have to take six separate Infinity2 products -- digestive enzymes, antioxidants, whole food vitamins, chelated minerals, intestinal flora, and a fat and sugar burner/digestive aid - in order to get all the nutrition that is now combined into ONE formula, appropriately called Essentials for Life (EFF). Though the separate products are still available, just ONE capsule provides you with all these "essentials" at the cellular level.

WHY Supplements Do Not Get Into Your Cells

So now you know that in order to "work", nutrients in supplements (and in foods, of course) must reach the cells of your body. Otherwise, your body can't use them. Below are major reasons why most supplements don't provide cellular nutrition.

The supplements are not made from whole food. The majority of supplements on the market are made from synthetic ingredients (test-tube chemicals) and/or fractionated nutrients (only part of the vitamin complex is used). Unfortunately, these cheap supplements are what most people buy, because they think all supplements are "the same". They're not.

Supplements made from food ARE food, with the water and fiber removed. They contain all the nutrients present in the food, many of which are unknown. Synthetic and fractionated supplements do not contain all the nutrients. They may not contain co-enzymes and co-factors (vitamins and minerals) that must accompany the "known" nutrients in order to be utilized by your body. Fillers and binders are added to synthetic and fractionated supplements, which creates waste material your body must get rid of. Often these fractionated and synthetic ingredients are not recognized by the cells as nutrients, and your body treats them more like "drugs".

While supplement manufacturers and many doctors claim that nutrients in foods and nutrients made in test tubes are identical, this is not true. Scientists can make "water" in a test tube, and it matches ocean water molecule for molecule - but fish cannot live in the test tube water.

Sometimes supplements made from food don't get into the cells because the person has digestive problems. If digestion is poor, a small percentage (or none) of the nutrients from food and supplements reach the cells of the body. This is especially true in older people. (For more facts about digestion, read What You Should Know About Digestive Enzymes)

The supplements don't have a "delivery system". A delivery system "delivers" the nutrients into the cells, regardless of the state of a person's health and digestive system. Some people's bodies do not break down their supplements. In fact, some supplements leave the body in exactly the same state as they enter. This is reported by companies who service "Porta Potties" - the toilets that are put up in parks, public sites and other places where there is no access to indoor bathrooms. These toilets are very difficult to clean because of all the vitamin and supplement pills that are stuck in the drain!

The supplements have an inefficient "delivery system". A nutritional company that is dedicated to excellence (not just $$) can spend years and a great deal of money to develop a truly efficient delivery system - one that is able to get the nutrients into the cells, regardless of challenges in the human body. When co-enzymes and co-factors and needed, the delivery system contains them. If it doesn't, these co-enzymes and co-factors will either be "stolen" or "leached" from other parts of your body (thus creating problems in these parts), OR the cells' membranes will not allow the nutrients to enter the cells. Infinity2 uses an exceptionally effective proprietary delivery system that contains digestive enzymes.

How Can We Be Certain We Are Getting "Cellular Nutrition"?

The supplements I tell you about on this site provide cellular nutrition. I know this from testing with a verifiable, scientific procedure that uses the body's muscles for testing purposes, called Applied Kinesiology (aka AK or muscle testing). Muscle testing has many uses, one of which is checking the quality and effectiveness of supplements. (By effectiveness, I mean the nutrients reach your cells.) While many test poorly, the supplements of some companies consistently test well. The ones I recommend have been researched, and are manufactured and distributed, by Infinity2 (a division of Ecoquest, Int'l) and Immunotec Research.

Of course, I do not claim these are the only companies with effective supplements -- how could I, when I don't know every company and product that exists? However, I know the supplements from both of these excellent direct-marketing companies are effective, and they have extensive scientific research and awesome testimonials. Their products are not "the same as" or "similar to" other ones. There is something UNIQUE about each of them, and they work at the CELLULAR LEVEL.

Essentials for Life by Infinity2 and Immunocal® by Immunotec Research are the "basics" and foundation of my supplement program. My family and I take them daily and I believe they can benefit anyone, regardless of his or her state of health. When I take other supplements I muscle test them. If testing indicates they're not likely to provide cellular nutrition, I add a digestive enzyme from Infinity2. (Read What You Should Know About Digestive Enzymes).

There's a lot of nutrition information on this site, including nutritional material you probably won't read elsewhere. To ask questions that arise after reading my nutrition articles, and to order recommended supplements at wholesale prices, Contact me at 203-373-1943 or click here

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