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Testimonials -- Business Training and Coaching

As one trainer to another, you present this type of material better than anyone I know including myself. A remarkable percentage of participants approached me after your training and indicated you had caused an intellectual and emotional breakthrough with them. Congratulations, we all know what an achievement that is. I have been trying to do this for nine months!
Dr. J.W. president, Maxim Resource Alliance

If ever there were a seminar that was a, this one would have to stand out, above any other. It seems people could talk of nothing else. I have never seen anyone have such a complete, in-depth knowledge of what people need to do to make themselves successful. This was mastery beyond my best expectations.
Tom Mower, president, Neways Corp

Very powerful and enlightening. Tremendous effect on my earnings. Gives you actual "tools" to work with to change your life, not just the information.
J.K. architect

Your training has been extremely beneficial for me, and several staff members have made major changes in their lives. Others have shifted their perspectives in ways that have facilitated our team-building efforts. The powerful processes you taught us are easy to apply and integrate into a daily routine. Now we can release old programming and patterns that have been interfering with accomplishing our goals. Our staff was always congenial but now the atmosphere is even more harmonious and efficiency continues to improve. Details even seem to fall into place as we maintain our focus on the big picture.
R.S. medical doctor

I've heard many motivating trainers, but for some reason, what you said hit me right between the eyes and sunk in. Your seminar had a major effect on my entire life and those around me. Greatly improved my personal life and financial success.
S.M. direct sales

One of the most dynamic, exciting speakers I have ever heard. Not only that, you have some thing different to say and really get your message across.
J.S. manager, Exterior Decorators

As you have the opportunity to share this knowledge with more companies, people's personal and business lives will transform in the most extraordinary ways, as mine has. My relationship with my wife is far greater than ever and my business is thriving as never before.
M.W. consultant

I've enjoyed your articles, books and tapes in the past, but nothing compares to seeing your dynamic presentation in person. I enjoyed your direct no-nonsense approach, especially your presentation on the subconscious mind.
L. C. president, First Fitness Corp.

Engaging and profound, very interesting and far-reaching perspective on managing stress. Valuable information on how to deal with stress by changing mental programming. This training had a tremendous impact on my family life as well as my business.
F.C. NY Society of CPAs

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Beverly and her specialized training course for those who wish to succeed. She has always had a very positive impact on groups she trained for us, and people consistently feel they derive great insight and value from her. She also instructs on many necessary steps that different types of people must take to increase their productivity.
Robert Hodes, president, United Health Programs of America, Inc.

When I first learned about your work I didn't expect it to have such a tremendous impact upon our business. Your expert teaching of why and how certain thoughts cause certain feelings and behaviors, all of which produce certain results -- is what makes the difference in your training compared to others we have introduced to our sales organization. The techniques and processes you teach facilitate change in extraordinary ways.
Steve Bower, president, SB & Associates



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