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Since Change Is Inevitable -- the REAL Question Is...
Will the Changes Be Desired or Undesired? Find out how YOU can be in control ... with

Technology of Change For Business


This ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind program shows you how to be in control of  the changes that take place in your  business.  Based on rarely-revealed and little-understood universal laws and current scientific data, Technology of Change reveals the "hidden  link" between what you want, these laws, how you think, the programming in your subconscious and what you actually get! Once this relationship is clear,  you will discover new solutions to business challenges and answers to critical questions, such as:

  • HOW can we bring more joy, harmony and spiritual values into our company?
  • WHY do things go wrong, even when we've done the "right" things?
  • WHAT is the secret of having good "people skills" in all situations?
  • WHY do our "beliefs" affect our personal and business success?
  • HOW do we master stress in the workplace and in our lives?
  • HOW can we increase customer/client referrals and retention?
  • WHAT can we do to reduce absenteeism and health care costs?
  • HOW can we keep our integrity as we increase productivity and profits?
  • HOW  can we inspire our staff to stay committed to our company's mission?

You will know the foundation upon which ALL change,  creativity, growth and achievement is based - the relationship and interaction of spiritual and mental laws.  Without this pivotal, vital knowledge it is almost impossible to build your business as  you desire it to be.  These laws, and how  they interact, are the rules of the "game of life".  Since there is no difference between the rules of the game of life and the rules of the game of business, not knowing them is like  trying to play golf without knowing the rules of that game - it's very hard to win! As a result of this program, you and your staff will have empowering knowledge plus practical and effective techniques to use, individually and  as a team, to create the personal and professional success you desire and deserve!

This program is different from other business and  personal success trainings you may have taken. In this fascinating and practical  correlation and integration of science, philosophy, eastern wisdom, psychology and modern technology, you and your staff will discover the "threads of truth"  that run through and unify all great teachings. You'll also receive powerful  tools and techniques to uncover and reprogram negative beliefs and patterns in your subconscious mind that interfere with the realization of your visions and goals.

Private and phone consultations available.

Here's what  a few of Beverly's business clients say:

Very powerful and enlightening. Tremendous effect on my earnings. Gives you actual "tools" to work with to change your life, not just the information.
J.K., architect

When I first learned about your work I didn't expect it to have such a tremendous impact upon our business.  Your expert teaching of  why and how certain thoughts cause certain feelings and behaviors -- all of which produce certain results -- is what makes the difference in your training compared to others we have introduced to our sales organization.  The techniques  and processes you teach facilitate change in extraordinary ways.
Steve Bower, president, SB & Associates.

Thank you for  your outstanding training at our national Stop Smoking Center Convention. There  is no doubt whatsoever that your talk was the high-point of the fifteen plus speakers that we had over the two day meeting, and it certainly covered the most important ingredients in making any business successful - internal motivation and attitude.
Rick Neiswonger, President, Business Marketing Systems

Your training has  been extremely beneficial for me, and several staff members have made major  changes in their lives.  Others have  shifted their perspectives in ways that have facilitated our team-building efforts at the Center. The powerful processes you taught us are easy to apply and integrate into a daily routine.  Now I can release old programming and patterns that have been interfering with my  accomplishing my goals. Our staff was always congenial but now the atmosphere is  even more harmonious and efficiency continues to improve. Details even seem to fall into place as we maintain our focus on the big picture.
R.S., medical doctor

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