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MESSAGE FROM MY HEART - written after 9/11/2001

My deepest condolences and prayers to all who suffered losses in this tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001 – a day that will forever alter the lives of all of us on planet earth.

New York was my home until three years ago.  As I watch my beloved city dig itself out of the steel and stone that is all that is left of two buildings that were part of a magnificent skyline, my heart continues to ache with compassion for those who lost innocent loved ones in the tragedy.

As the days go on and the search for survivors grows dim, the questions continue to arise.  Why? How? Some people believe they have the answer.  Others believe it was the "will of God". For those whose lives have been shattered by loss of family or friends, or loss of the normal, healthy body they formerly possessed, or loss of their business and livelihood, no answer to the question "Why?"can be acceptable at this time.

In the aftermath of these heart-wrenching events, I knew I needed to post a message on my website, and I wondered what would be fitting. After deep reflection, I knew that the only thing I could write is what I know to be true.

If there is a Power that governs this Universe…and governs it by Universal Law, then this Law must operate ALL the time, not some of the time. It must have been in operation on September 11, also.

What I know for sure (as Oprah says) is this – the Universal Laws are SPIRITUAL laws. The journey of humans on planet earth has always been to find our way back to love and unity.  And the only way we can do this (or anything else) is through Law.

The Law of Polarity (or Law of Opposites) is one of the immutable laws.  Sometimes we must experience the absence (or opposite) of that which we seek, in order to find it. If humanity "needs" to be reminded that we are spiritual beings, and if humanity needs to be reminded that the human MIND (beliefs, thoughts, etc.) affects EVERYTHING – a catastrophe of this magnitude could be the catalyst to remind us so that we never, ever forget.

What have we been seeing lately, in New York, and around the world – besides the pain, grief and destruction? An outpouring of love so great we can barely contain it. As I watched the Telethon Benefit on Friday September 21, I was filled with great pride and humility to be an American and a member of the human race. My eyes wept, and my soul stirred with an energy I have not felt in a long time – the sense of being part of millions of people who cared, who opened their hearts, who rose to the occasion with a courage and heroism that inspires the deepest feelings, feelings so precious they can barely be expressed.

Beyond the destruction, we see another side. We see families coming together, we see friends realizing how precious friendship is, and we see strangers willing to lay down their lives. As I watched the "Prayers for America" televised from NY's Yankee Stadium on Sunday, September 23, I was so moved my body vibrated. Men, women and children of all races, creeds and colors were joining hands, sharing their grief , their compassion and their love. It was an extraordinary experience, even without being there in person.

Law tells us that there is always something bigger and greater that must come out such suffering and tragedy, so it is fitting that we ask "Cannot this return to love and unity happen WITHOUT such devastation?"

I believe the answer is YES, it can. Whether it will or not, is up to US, to the human race.

Let us never underestimate the power of mass mind consciousness. When masses of people project anger, hatred, fear and other negative vibrations into the unified field of energy that is our universe, and this goes on for centuries, mass chaos results. We have seen the chaos. Now we have the opportunity to project vibrations that can transform mass consciousness and the energy field.

Now, more than ever, let us consciously choose to vibrate energy from our powerful minds that fills the interspaces of the universe with love, kindness, caring, gratitude, faith, healing, positive prayers. When masses of people vibrate positive emotions like love, gratitude, appreciation and peace, then order and peace can be restored at a higher level. OUR THOUGHTS, FEELINGS AND PRAYERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that vibrating positive thoughts and prayers is "all" we should do.  Each one of us must look in our own hearts and minds to decide our course, just as America's President and world leaders must do. What I am saying is that we need to continue to project positive thoughts, feelings and prayers -- regardless of, and in spite of, government decisions and outer events.

If you want proof that thought vibrations affect everything -- please go to this website You will see how WATER -- and our bodies and the earth are approximately 80-85% water -- is affected by various vibrations, especially HUMAN THOUGHT.  It is an awesome page. Pictures at the beginning show effects of various vibrations, such as different kinds of music, but towards the end of the page you will see the effect positive and negative WORDS typed on a word processor and pasted on glasses of water.

You will see pictures of beautiful symmetrical crystals formed by the water that had positive words (vibrations) pasted on its glass, and you will see ugly, unsymmetrical pictures of water that had negative words (vibrations) pasted on its glass. What does this tell us?

It tells us that POSITIVE THOUGHTS --love, appreciation, gratitude, peace -- and prayer (our most heart-felt thoughts) are what we must call upon now. We do not know the answers. We are asked, in our "not-knowingness" to believe that the Power that created all that is, responds to prayer, regardless of how things appear on the outside. Can you imagine what our world could be like if each day every one took just a few minutes to vibrate positive thoughts into the universe?  I hope you'll join me and do this.

Handling Stress: Let me suggest some things to help you handle the emotional stress that the trauma of these events have caused all of us, whether or not we feel we are personally affected. If you are familiar with "tapping" techniques (or other energy psychology techniques), USE them, inserting the words of how YOU feel and what is going on for you. You can find tapping techniques posted, or ready for downloading at these two sites: and

You can also do rhythmic breathing. Breathe in through your nose for a few counts, hold briefly, breathe out through your mouth. Visualize white light all around you and filling you.  As you breath in, mentally say "breathing in Peace" (or Love, or whatever works for you) and on the out breath mentally say, breathing out "fear, grief" - whatever you are feeling. 

While you never want to deny or repress how you feel, you don't want negative energy to get "stuck" in your body, nor do you want to vibrate negative energy into the unified field (there's enough of that already). Use the tools (techniques) that are available to gently release the emotions after you have acknowledged them.

There is a natural stress cycle in the body (even in "normal" times).  You can help your body "recoup" by stopping what you are doing every 90-120 minutes and spending just a few minutes doing stress releasers to shift your energy. Click here for Quick Ways to Relieve Stress, from my Dynamic Self-Healing Manuals. (If it's not up yet, it will be soon; just check back.)

In closing, I leave you with these thoughts, a poem that came to me while I was meditating outdoors under the stars on Saturday, September 15, 2001.

By Beverly Nadler

They look down upon us
From the skies --
The stars, shining
Like a thousand eyes

You can feel them
Talking to you
They have a message
That wants to come through.

They say, in your heart is a place of truth
In your heart, is a place of grace
In your soul compassion lives
In your soul is a sacred space

The stars' message is very clear --
Regardless of the path we've taken
This isn't the time to give way to fear
We must know we are not forsaken.

We realize our lives
Are forever changed
We realize our world
Has been re-arranged

Everything is different
Yet some things remain the same
The sun still shines
And we still have rain

Seasons come and seasons go
Flowers bloom, birds sing
Tides ebb and tides flow
Children's laughter still rings

Look up and see them
In the skies --
The stars, shining
Like a thousands eyes

Listen to what
They have to say --
Now is the time
For us all to pray.

Copyright Beverly Nadler 2001

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