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Acknowledge Yourself

 by Beverly Nadler

When people don't treat you the way they should
And you're not feeling really good
Turn on the music and stop the pain
Discover the beauty of life again
And acknowledge yourself.

When the world doesn't know just who you are
Doesn't realize you are a star,
It's time to give up your worries and fears
Just laugh at life and dry your tears
And acknowledge yourself.
Talk to yourself,

And let yourself know
You are your own best friend.
Talk to yourself,
And feel yourself glow
Good feelings have no end.

When a loved one isn't acting kind
And this indifference troubles your mind
Pamper yourself and have some fun
Look behind the clouds and see the sun
And acknowledge yourself. 

When you think that life has been unfair
And you want someone who really cares,
It's time to stop your harried pace
Go to a mirror and smile at your face
And acknowledge yourself.

Copyright Beverly Nadler  1999 

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