You Are Truly Free


 by Beverly Nadler


There comes a time when it all makes sense

And you wonder why you were so dense

That you couldn’t see the workings of your mind

Whose purpose it is to seek and find


The flaw in your vision

The error in your plan

Who fights with you

When you say “I can”


Of course, you need your mind

Don’t mistake what I say

Your conscious mind

Can show you the way


Through the byways and highways

We find on life’s journey

But the mind can’t satisfy

Your inner yearning


It’s the heart that feels the oneness of life

And separates you from frustration and strife.

It gives you sacred moments of bliss,

Moments when you know that all that exists


Is both illusion and actuality.

You see beyond the veil of reality

And your heart leaps in unbounded ecstasy.

For beyond the veil…you truly are free!


copyright  Beverly Nadler March. 1998    

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