This poem was written one month before the terrorist attack in America




By Beverly Nadler


They say the world

Has lost its heart

That our beloved planet

Is falling apart


Natural cycles

We call a tragic calamity --

From our limited perspective

All we can see


Is the chaos

And we feel pain

We donít know

Itís Mother Earth seeking balance again


Thereís much our human mind

Cannot conceive

Thatís why the prophets said

We must believe


Believe in a Power

Beyond who you are

The Power that created

The sun and the stars


The Power that keeps

All orbiting in space

The Power that fills

The universe with grace


Perfection is here

Though we donít know it

We are blessed

Though each event doesnít show it


No loss can occur

Without a gain somewhere

No one is stranded

Without someone who cares


For every longing you suffer

And wonder why

Thereís a loving Spirit

That hears your cry


Thereís always a rainbow

After the storm

And lifeís blessings

Come in many forms


Even though we canít eliminate

Struggle and strife

All thingís considered

Itís a wonderful life


Even when it feels like
Everything has gone to hell
Look past the illusion



Copyright Beverly Nadler 2001


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