May 2000

By Beverly Nadler




THE LAW OF POLARITY (The Truth About “Good” and “Bad”)

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” Marcus Antoninus
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I chose this month's quote because most of this newsletter is about the Law of Polarity and it is the misunderstanding of this natural law that causes people to think negatively and experience so much unhappiness in their lives. 
Polarity is an immutable universal law, like Vibration and Attraction.  Universal laws are the same as the laws of physics and energy. Quantum physics says we live in a "unified field of energy” and everything that exists is created out of energy. Energy is the mode the Creative Power (by whatever name you call this Power) uses for expression. Whether our approach is philosophical, scientific or spiritual, it is an undeniable fact that everything is energy, governed by the laws of energy. 


As we've covered in past newsletters, energy vibrates, is electro-magnetic and is constantly attracting and repelling. What we call “creating” is really the activity of vibrating our mental energy (beliefs, thoughts and feelings) into the unified field of energy, and then, like a magnet, attracting back what we are in harmony with. 

When we project – consciously or unconsciously -- negative thoughts and feelings into the universe, we resonate in harmony with other negatives (i.e: negative or undesired people, things, conditions, situations, events, etc.). This happens by LAW and, of course, it makes us unhappy. By understanding the Law of Polarity, we can choose the mental energy we project and become "deliberate creators". (Note: April #1 NL explains Law of Vibration.) 

THE LAW OF POLARITY (The Truth About “Good” and “Bad”)

Polarity is a law of energy and physics. Think back to grade school science and you will remember that energy was illustrated as positive (+) protons and negative (-) electrons, and the combination (+ -) was the neutral neutron. You probably never thought you’d have any use for that boring information -- unless you were planning to be a scientist; yet this is the information upon which your entire life is based. The Law of Polarity (aka the law of opposites or duality) explains that everything has two equal and opposite aspects or polarities, a positive/masculine one, and a negative/feminine one.  These opposite poles have nothing to do with good and bad; rather, they have to do with active and passive energy.
The black and white Oriental symbol taken from the Tao (which is the basis for Oriental healing, spiritual teachings and martial arts) represents this duality as yang (male, positive) and yin (female, negative) energy. 
Besides the dualities referred to above, here are other familiar opposites: air and earth, fire and water, up and down, out and in, big and small, hot and cold, hard and soft, white and black, tall and short, aggressive and recessive, tension and relaxation. In each pair of opposites, the first is the masculine or positive expression, and the second is the feminine or negative aspect.  Again, this has nothing to do with good or bad. Both aspects are necessary to creation, just as both a man and a woman are necessary to create a baby.



Continuing with our opposites, we have birth and death, health and disease, rich and poor, abundance and lack, success and failure, strong and weak, war and peace, give and receive, pleasure and pain, right and wrong, and many others.  These are also listed with the positive first. Note that war is on the positive side, though most people consider it negative; that’s because it is an outgoing/aggressive/masculine activity.  We have very strong judgments about everything on the above list, and our judgments and criticisms (and our attempts to "get rid of" what we don't like) are what cause us so much unhappiness.
Well, the truth is -- we can't get rid of what we don't like, because opposites will always exist.  However, by living in harmony with the Law of Polarity, we can experience more of the polarities we prefer in our own lives. First, recognize that Polarity IS a law.  Just as electricity makes our lives comfortable, it can also kill us. Just as fire cooks our food, it can also destroy us.  And just as water saves lives, it can also drown us – so the opposites are part of all aspects of life.

While our human mind may not be able to grasp why people do what they do, and things are as they are, we need to accept that both sides exist, by LAW.  Humans are on an evolutionary journey, gifted with free will, which allows them to express both the positive and negative polarities. WE can determine the polarities we align with.
After recognizing that Polarity is a law, we need to realize that every thing someone calls "bad", is considered "good" by someone else.  This is very difficult for many people to comprehend, due to conditioning. Because of our culture, our ethnic and social background, economic status, family beliefs, religion, etc, we accept certain things as being good and bad, right and wrong. Yet, even that which most people label "bad" provides a benefit for someone(s).


For instance, the economy of certain nations are built on war, and without preparing for war (building armies, manufacturing armaments, etc.), the nations would be impoverished. We call disease bad, but vast numbers of caring, loving people have a purpose in life and earn a good income BECAUSE people and animals get sick. Many people consider tobacco bad, yet without the industries based on tobacco, a large segment of the population would have no source of income.


There are wealthy people who give up lucrative jobs or businesses and move to remote areas to escape from the excitement and luxury others thrive on. Many people's livlihoods are dependent upon the fact that death is a reality (and if nobody died, where would all the people live? Death is also a big industry). Some activities you might consider painful are pleasurable to others. We all know people who have relationships that make no sense to us, but suit the individuals involved just fine. When Shakespeare wrote “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so”, he must have been thinking about the law of polarity.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed or transformed. You transform energy by applying its opposite pole. For instance, if something is cold, we can make it warm by adding heat.  If something is small, we can add the opposite energy of "big" and make it bigger. Using the same principle, if we are in a negative mental state, we change that state by adding positive energy.  This means we don’t bemoan our fate, criticize and complain, because that puts us in vibrational harmony with what we don’t want. Instead, we focus our attention on what we want.  Changing our focus of attention is what "adds" the opposite polarity to whatever we want to transform..
Are you sick? Then focus on health. Talk about health and healing. Take actions that promote health.  So many sick people enjoy talking about their illnesses. This is not an effective way to promote healing.  Are you having financial difficulties?  Don’t talk about (to others and/or yourself) how tough times are. That just puts you in vibrational harmony with more tough times. Focus on abundance, prosperity, beauty and luxury. 
Imagine yourself enjoying wealth, instead of focusing on lack. (Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge!) This doesn’t mean you ignore your financial issues, it means you handle them as best you can, while you use your imagination to create wealth. People who are sick, unhappy or struggling financially usually dwell on their undesired situations, and attract more of the same. It requires a conscious act of WILL to turn your attention to the polar opposite in the face of negative experiences.

by Beverly Nadler
Thank You for the dawning
Of a wonderful new day.
Thank You for the blessings
That come my way.
Thank You for setting me free
Of delusions.
Thank You for helping me see
Past life’s illusions.
Thank You for the sunlight,
The flowers, the rain.
Thank You for comforting me
When I’m in pain.
Thank You for the pleasure
Of human touch.
Thank You for the people
I cherish so much.
Thank You for the love
Of dear friends and family.
Thank You for the truth
I can finally see.
Thank You for guiding me
To fulfill my role.
Thank You for the joy
I feel in my soul.!
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