June 2000   #2


By: Beverly Nadler





QUOTE: “How good is man’s life, the mere living! How fit to employ all the heart and the soul and the senses forever in joy!”         Robert Browning


MISSION STATEMENT: To teach the “energy paradigm” (model) of life, so people can clearly see the “hidden link” between what they want, the spiritual and mental laws that govern the universe, how they think, their subconscious programming, and what they get in life. To show the “threads” that run through and unify all true teachings. To share tools and techniques so more people can live their vision by consciously “creating” the life they desire.




Why is understanding so important?  Because without understanding, there is always doubt and mistrust. Your mind doesn’t “believe” what it doesn’t understand, and so you are unlikely to use techniques for change that can be effective. Or, if you use them, while thinking “this can’t work”, they won’t. With self-work, when results are not quick, it is easy to become discouraged and disheartened. But if we understand “the way the universe works”, we know why we haven’t yet gotten what we want.  We also know that if we continue, expecting to reach our goals, we will. 


We can compare this to taking a trip from NY California by car. Let’s say you are traveling a few days. With a map, you can look at it and say:  “Oh, here we are; we know where we’re going and we’re fine.” Without a map, you might be concerned because you haven’t yet reached your destination. You may stop believing you ever will.  You might even turn around and go home, (give up) because you can’t understand why you are not there yet.  So it is with life.  Only the stakes are higher, and understanding is even more crucial.


There is a tremendous amount information about self-improvement, healing, success and spiritual growth, but very little understanding. Most teachings focus on one or several aspects of what were part of the “hidden” mysteries taught only to royalty and religious, military and political leaders.  The ancient universal and mental law teachings (based on Hermetic Philosophy) that explain how humans “create” with their mind, were not taught to the masses; in fact, people who dared to teach them, were killed.


Fortunately, that’s not the case in the 21st century. Part of my vision – through my newsletter, website, seminars, books and tapes -- is to clarify how to be a CONSCIOUS co-creator of your own life. This knowledge also ends people’s confusion by “filling in the gaps” in the many diverse, and often conflicting, teachings and by revealing the “threads of truth” that run through and unify them.




To consciously create what you desire, it’s important to understand the “energy model” of life – that EVERYTHING, on the spiritual, mental and physical planes, is energy. Quantum physics tells us we live in a “unified field of energy”, and ALL that exists comes out of this field. All forms of energy vibrate and are electro-magnetic. WE vibrate and are electro-magnetic, and we create (really “attract”) with the powerful vibrating energy of our mind.


It’s really simple in theory -- your vibrations radiate into the unified field of energy. Then, out of that unified energy field, you attract, or are attracted to, the people, things, conditions, events, circumstances and situations that you are in vibrational harmony with (this is also called “resonance”).  These become your life.


Whatever your experience is, you are vibrating in harmony with it. If there is something you don’t like, it will be out of your life when you RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS to a higher frequency.  You do that by changing the energy field that radiates from your mind (your thoughts and feelings).  Yes, I know -- this often seems impossible. If it were easy, everyone on the path of self-development would be doing it by now, and we wouldn’t need millions of books, tapes, trainings and programs.




The reason changing our thoughts is not easy is because most of what we call “thoughts” are not thoughts at all.  Rather, they are AUTOMATIC REACTIONS coming from subconscious programming. We “hear” these thoughts in our head, immediately “feel” the negative energy that comes up and this is what we vibrate into the universe.  We also believe that ”it” (whatever we heard in our head) is “the truth”.  It is nothing of the kind, even if our outer experience confirms it. Our outer experience continues to confirm it, BECAUSE we remain in vibrational harmony with it. 


Our subconscious beliefs resist change because they are wired into our neurology and encoded in our cellular structure. To change the wiring requires re-programming. I highly recommend doing this, and I work with people using a variety of methods, including different “release” processes, and share effective tools for reprogramming, such as the SCWL subliminal tapes.


It is possible to vibrate in harmony with what you want, even without reprogramming your subconscious. You can override your programming by CHOOSING your thoughts in each moment. Your thoughts (whether deliberately chosen OR automatic responses coming from your subconscious) create an immediate emotional response, and these emotions – both positive and negative -- have enormous “attraction” power. When you don’t choose your thoughts, your subconscious programming determines the vibrations you project, and often, depending on what your subconscious is focused upon, they are vibrations of doubt, fear and anxiety.  This is why we often attract what we don’t want.




Want to change your vibrations quickly?  Find something to be joyous about.  While this may not seem to change your specific issue or challenge, your joyous vibrations affect the outcome of ANYTHING. When we vibrate “joy”, we automatically let go of the tension that lowers our vibrations. 


Joy is naturally in vibrational harmony with the good you desire. From a state of joy you can “ask and receive.”  In a state of joy, the cells of your body realign themselves more healthfully. While it is almost impossible to “will” yourself to feel joy in the midst of distress, you CAN change your mood through outside stimuli. First, be sure to acknowledge how you feel, as burying feelings is self-destructive; then make a conscious decision to raise your vibrations. When I was critically ill some years ago, I played two SCWL subliminal tapes constantly -- “Psychoneuroimmunology”, and “The Joy of Life-Happiness Within”. I still play Psychoneuroimmunology every night while I sleep.


Music, art, dance, theatre, comedy -- these transport us into a joyous vibration. I nearly killed myself (literally) by not allowing myself the joy of singing for almost two years, even though I had been a professional singer when my children were young. Now, I not only sing again, I am having the fun and joy of preparing for my third cabaret show.




Here’s a simple, yet profoundly powerful technique. To attract more “good” into your life, do whatever it takes to put yourself in a positive, joyous state of mind.  Turn on music, walk in the park, go to the beach, read a passage from a favorite book, sing, meditate – whatever makes YOU feel good!


THEN, from that high vibrational state, use your magical imagination to think about and  FOCUS your attention upon having, doing and/or being whatever you desire.  (One caution --focus only on what you WANT, not what you don’t want.)




Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone knew about the energy model of life? If you vibrate in resonance with my message, you can help me share it with more people. Perhaps you know meeting planners who look for dynamic speakers for meetings, conferences and conventions or perhaps you can recommend me as a speaker for your company, association or organization and for business and/or sales trainings. 


My keynote presentations are as entertaining as they are enlightening and motivational. (I don’t know many speakers who explain the “energy model” of life to the public, and are also professional singers.) And as a business and sales trainer, I provide the “missing link” -- the interaction of the universal and mental laws -- that is the foundation upon which success trainings are based. Please see my Business and Seminar pages, for more details on my programs.


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