July, 2000


By Beverly Nadler


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MISSION STATEMENT: To teach the “energy paradigm” (model) of life, so people can clearly see the “hidden link” between what they want, the spiritual and mental laws that govern the universe, how they think, their subconscious programming, and what they get in life. To show the “threads” that run through and unify all true teachings. To share tools and techniques so more people can live their vision by consciously “creating” the life they desire.




“The mind is its own place and in itself can make heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.”  John Milton   




It’s vital to understand how your mind functions because you literally “create” your life with the energy of your mind. Everything that exists is energy and all forms of energy have their own rate of vibration, called frequency.  All energy is electro-magnetic.  You “create” by vibrating your magnetic energy field into the magnetic energy field of the universe (quantum physics calls it “the unified field of energy”).  Then, by the Law of Attraction, your energy field attracts to you the people, things, conditions, situations, circumstances and events that you are in vibrational harmony with.  These become YOUR LIFE. (For further clarification of this principle, read the article “How You Get What You Get”.)


To change your life, you must change your vibrations.  To do that, you  “change your mind”. Below is a brief review of the aspects of the mind, followed by information about the “critical faculty”, which is the barrier of the mind that creates so much resistance to change.(For more explanation of the aspects of the mind, read my article “Understanding Your Magnificent Mind”.)


CONSCIOUS MIND - chooses, decides and is supposed to “think”. It is the only part of you that has free will. It can choose certain behaviors, thoughts and attitudes, regardless of one’s subconscious programming or environmental stimuli. Unfortunately, it is the aspect of the mind most people don’t use.


SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - functions like a computer. It’s programmed with the instructions that tell your body and all of its systems and trillions of cells what to do. It is also programmed with beliefs, opinions, concepts, illusions and theories that you have accepted as “true”. Just as computer programs determine outcomes and results, the programs in your subconscious determine the outcomes in your life. They “cause” most of your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. What people call "thoughts" are usually automatic reactions coming directly out of subconscious programming.


SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND - also called Higher Self or Higher Mind. It is the unlimited part of you that “knows” far beyond the limited perceptions of your conscious and subconscious. It is where intuition and inner guidance come from. It is your connection to the Source that most people in our society call God. It is the  “still, small voice” we rarely notice.




The critical faculty is not a physical barrier.  However, it is so effective at doing its job, it might as well be made of steel. What is its job?  To “protect” you by making sure you never change.  It does this by not allowing anything to reach your subconscious unless it agrees with your programming.


This barrier is almost non-existent when we are born. That’s why an infant can learn to swim, a baby can learn several languages, and a toddler can explore to the point of exhausting an adult. Everything the infant is exposed to goes right into the psyche and out of these “impressions”, subconscious programs develop.


There is a saying that goes: “Give me a child until he is five years old and I have him forever”. That’s because, by the age of five, a person has many programs in his/her computer mind and the critical faculty is well developed.  Thus, the child grows to adulthood, functioning according to her programming. Knowing this, we can easily see why it is so important to raise children in an environment of love, self-esteem, trust, confidence, joy, respect, etc.


Once the barrier is established, we experience tremendous resistance to change, both from the inside and outside. That is, we “feel” resistance from within when we try to break a habit (have you noticed?).  We also find that in spite of our desire to make certain changes, we still attract things we don’t want, seemingly from the outside.




As a result of our programs, we view the entire world through the filter of our subconscious mind. This is why people programmed for failure interpret the same events very differently than people programmed for success. Below is a story that illustrates this.


Two men were sent to sell shoes in a third world country where the natives did not wear shoes. One man was appalled and called his boss demanding that he be given another territory, because it would be impossible to make any sales as “no one in this country wears shoes.”  The other man joyfully called his boss to thank him for this extraordinary opportunity.  He knew he would make an enormous amount of sales, because “no one in this country wears shoes!”


Because of the critical faculty, it is can be very challenging to reprogram the subconscious. One way to break through the barrier is with “fascination”. The media spends billions of dollars to capture your mind and fascinate you. Note the imagery, music, dance, lights, color and sensory stimulation of every kind in TV commercials.  The images and words evoke emotion, passion, or total dissatisfaction with yourself so that you become convinced you MUST buy xyz product or you will be a failure for the rest of your life.


Fortunately, it is possible to BY-PASS your mind’s critical faculty and go DIRECTLY to the subconscious, by “agreement” (such as agreeing to hypnosis) or with subliminal messages. Once you have access to the subconscious, you can reprogram it.




Your subconscious “learns” by repetition and reinforcement.  Once you learn something it becomes your “program”.  Therefore, you the way your mind develops its programming is through repetition and reinforcement. That’s how you learned your name, how to eat, to dress yourself, spell, read and do math, drive a car, use a phone, fax and computer, plus many life and career management skills.  In addition, you “learned” confidence (or lack of confidence), you developed a self-image (good, bad or indifferent) and you accepted beliefs about money, health, relationships, etc. You also learned your prejudices and judgments (who, me?).


RE-programming also requires repetition and reinforcement. It is far easier to reinforce negative programs than positive ones, simply because much of our culture thrives on negative data. In order to prevent reinforcing negative programs, it is important for the subconscious to receive positive, success-oriented messages as often as possible.


This can be done very effectively with subliminal audiotapes, which can be played as you carry out your normal activities.  They not only by-pass the critical faculty and go directly to the subconscious mind, they also provide continuous repetition and reinforcement. The subliminals I enthusiastically recommend are SCWL tapes (SCWL stands for – Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning – meaning the subconscious “learns” new ways of “being” and transfers this knowledge to the conscious mind). I doubt if I would be alive today if I hadn’t used the SCWL tape #64, “Psychoneuroimmunology”, when I was critically ill.


Some people have concerns about subliminal messages, so keep in mind that we are constantly being subliminally programmed without our consent. Subliminal messages of every kind are used by all branches of the media.  SCWL tapes, with their constant stream of positive messages, free us from outside influences by allowing us to choose what we want to be programmed with. (Select the Tape link on the menu for more information.)




 by Beverly Nadler


What an amazing tool is the mind

With its uncanny ability to find

The specific thoughts that will make you sad or mad,

Unless you choose thoughts to make you glad.


For life gives us both pain and pleasure,

And doles them out in equal measure.

And what predominates in the illusion we live

Is that upon which we choose to give


Our focus and concentration.

That’s what determines our life’s destination.

One day you’ll discover the game of the mind.

That’s when you’ll no longer be blind…


And wherever you look you’ll find joy and peace

And the endless chatter of your mind will cease.

You’ll even look back at past pain and grief

And know most of it was caused by JUST A BELIEF.


For the truth is – in each person’s experience

What reigns supreme

Is choice. You can live life as a nightmare

Or a wondrous dream!


copyright  Beverly Nadler March. 1998    


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